BOOK NEWS! | The CONUNDRUM Series—Book 2!

Hello everybody!

The time has finally come where I can announce the details of Book 2 in my middle-grade CONUNDRUM series!

I’m not going to keep you waiting any longer, so here we go…

Entitled PENELOPE’S PECULIAR PROBLEM, the book will hit shelves on April 7th, 2015, in both paperback and e-book formats. The full synopsis is yet to be released, but here it what I can tell you:

Penelope is an ice-skater, and this year she is determined to win. Except another girl, Bethany, is in the way.
But when Bethany has to try on some spare boots during training, something goes wrong…it’s almost as though the boots have a mind of their own.
As curiosity gets the better of her, Penelope sneaks back to the stadium and tries out the boots for herself—and, sure enough, they really can think for themselves.
With the Golden Skater Medal looking set to be hers with the magical boots, Penelope feels as though everything is falling into place.
But things are never that simple, and as her best friend Emily is quick to point out, nothing is ever as good as it first appears…
As her world begins to fall apart around her, Penelope has the choice to make things right…but there’s one condition:
She might have to lose the chance to win the Golden Skater Medal once and for all.
So what does she choose?

I’m super excited for this book to come out, especially as it’s quite different to anything I’ve written before—and, for that reason, I’m a little nervous too. But I can’t wait to share it with you, and hear what you think about it! Hopefully you’ll enjoy it just as much as am doing working on it.

More details will be coming soon, but for now: thank you so much for reading and for your continued support, and let the countdown begin—just 44 days to go!



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