Grab A Drink And Let’s Have A Chat

Hello, everybody!

I was going to do another video today, but then I changed my mind. Instead, as you can see, I’ve decided to do a blog post instead. 🙂

After feeling it’s been TOO long since I last did a blog post, I thought it was about time I did one! And whilst I love doing videos just as much, blogging and doing written posts still are one of my favourite things to do — something that I’ve let slide a bit since doing more video!

So, to settle myself back into blogging, I thought I was sit down, invite you to grab a cup of tea, or a coffee, or perhaps even a hot cocoa (mmmm! I could just have one now! Below is one I had the other day 🙂 )and bring you all back up to speed with what I’ve been up to!


Although, if I be honest, I think the best question to ask would be, “What haven’t I been up to?”. As November comes to end, I can now see I’ve had a vey busy month — probably my most eventful of the year, dare I say?

I saw November roll around and come on in whilst I was in Edinburgh, right at the very top of the country, whilst we were celebrating Halloween. Every Halloween, Edinburgh does a fantastic street festival for Samhain, with a performed show, extremely loud drums, and an amazing parade — even if it was throwing it down with buckets of rain this year!

In addition, we also visited some sights, including the Edinburgh Castle, climbed Arthur’s Seat, and visited The Elephant Cafe, which is the HOME of Harry Potter, as J. K. Rowling herself wrote it there!


After I came home, it was parent’s anniversary, and then three days later it was my birthday, which I spent with friends and family. Here’s the BOOK CAKE I got:



The next day was then Bonfire Night (!) and then the next night I was to visit my grandparents’. After a night there, we set off for Brighton — that’s right; I went from the very top of the country and all the way down to the bottom in the space of five days. Phew!

We spent two days in Brighton looking around, as I’m thinking of moving there next Summer. It’s many hours away from where I currently live, but I feel like I can see myself there, and it really is a lovely place to live. Plus, on the way you cross London, which gave me the great opportunity to take photos like this of the River Thames, both as we drove OVER it and UNDER it:



The hotel that we stayed in had records on the ceiling…

…and the beds were right next to the tables, so you didn’t even have to get up to make yourself a cup of tea! Which, in my eyes, immediately made it a 5-star hotel. WIN:


Afterwards, I returned back to my grandparents’ house where I spent another night, before returning back home.

A week later, I had a birthday meal, and then went into a party, and in-between that I’ve been polishing off CHARLIE’S CHRISTMAS CONUNDRUM which releases in just 12 days! I mention this because this month I was able to finally reveal the front cover of the book:


How magical is that?!

This past week has been filled with going to bed after 1am every night, and then on Friday I was up till 4am as I completed the very last touches on CHARLIE. I’m so excited for to hit shelves, especially since I’ve just found out it’s now coming out in Belgium and the Netherlands, too — this now means the book is coming out in 15 COUNTRIES all on the same day (December 13th). Mind-boggling!

Unrelated: I also got my haircut.


And then this brings me up to this final weekend. After turning in my book, I opted for a more relaxed couple of days, and so I spent the Saturday doing some Christmas shopping…


… and then spent Saturday night and Sunday at a friend’s house, where we watched the first five Harry Potter movies!

And now it’s December tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what the holiday months brings! I plan on starting writing Book 2 of my new MG series, and generally just enjoying what Christmas and the holidays bring along.

How about you? What have you done in November? I would love to hear! 🙂

Thank you so much for sharing my month with me, and I hope to talk to you all again very soon!

All the best,
Joshua 🙂