NEW VIDEO: “The Bookshelf Tag”

Hey, y’all wonderful people!

I made a new video since I was tagged by another booktuber, and I answered some questions about the books on my bookshelf, such as which book would I be mostly likely to save if my house was burning down!

Hope you enjoy it, thank you for being amazing as always, and I hope to talk soon! 🙂


Fire of Stars and Dragons | BookTalk

Hi, all!

I was given the fantastic opportunity to not only review an ARC of FIRE OF STARS AND DRAGONS by Melissa Petreshock, but also to provide a blurb for the book!

To hear my thoughts on the book, then please watch my latest booktube vlog. Thank you for watching, and I hope you enjoy it!

Also, thank you to SwoonRomance for providing me with an Advanced Review Copy.

(P.S. I’m going to be using a different camera for my next vlog onwards, so you should see an improvement in the quality of my vlogs. 🙂 )


Hello, everybody!

All day we’ve been counting down till this time so that you can find out the news, and so I’m just going to come out with it:

I’m very happy to announce that I have a new book series being published! Consisting of 3 books, the series will mark my move into the middle grade novel scene, with the series beginning to hit shelves this December— just in time for Christmas. Book 2 & 3—titles which will be announced with time— will be released throughout 2015.

The first book, entitled CHARLIE’S CHRISTMAS CONUNDRUM, will hit shelves on December 13th, 2014, in both paperback and e-book formats. The full synopsis is yet to be released, but here it what I can tell you:

CHARLIE’S CHRISTMAS CONUNDRUM follows a young boy called Charlie whose favorite time of the year is Christmas, but when his family’s presents goes missing, Charlie is needed to help find them, and embarks on a magical adventure with Santa— with snowball fights, enlarged turkeys, smuggled candies, and Granny’s knitted jumpers—and more!— all added into the mix!

Ever since my debut, Bones On The Surface, I have been eager to return to writing middle grade. Bones was only 6,000 words in length, and these books— each of which will be around 200 pages long— will finally enable me to officially emerge myself back into this genre.

Each book will center around various character’s who all face different problems that are usually of the extraordinary variety! From lost presents to ice-skating boots that think for themselves, and from monsters that hide under the bed to filling in the jobs of mythical creatures, these books are proving to be a joy to work on, and I can’t wait to share them with you.

I am super excited that I can now talk about the series, and I am super excited for Christmas and 2015— I just hope you enjoy the series as much as I’m enjoying writing it.

As a little extra, I thought I would pop a little extract from CHARLIE’S CHRISTMAS CONUNDRUM down below.

Until next time, all the best, thank you for everything, and talk again soon!



‘How was your day? And why is your hat wet?’ said Charlie’s father, exactly five minutes later as he stepped through the door just as Charlie had been about to go upstairs to his bedroom.
‘It was great. And snowball,’ repeated Charlie, laughing.
‘Mum ask the same question?’ his Dad asked.
Charlie nodded. ‘Where’s Gran and Granddad?’
‘Just coming now. Perhaps you’d like to go and help them with their suitcases? They’ve got a lot of stuff— they are staying till next year, after all!’ chuckled Charlie’s father, before unwrapping his scarf from around his neck and looping it around the banister on top of Charlie’s coat, which was now leaving a small puddle on the floor where the snow was beginning to melt.
Yanking his boots from the shoe cupboard, Charlie began to hurriedly tie up what seemed to be a million billion laces, and was just about done when—
‘Charlie!’ hollered his grandmother. ‘There you are!’
Charlie looked up and sighed, grabbing his boots and pulling them back off his feet. He knew he’d never make it in time.
‘Hey, Granny!’ Charlie beamed, tossing his boots to the side. ‘Merry Christmas!’
‘Now, now, Charlie,’ his Granny smiled, ‘Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. How many sleeps are left till Christmas Morning now?’
‘Two, I believe,’ came another voice.
Charlie broke of out the embrace that his grandmother had just pulled him tightly into, and peered around her.
And, sure enough, there was his Granddad, stamping the snow off his shoes onto the doormat. Charlie waited till he stepped into the house, and then ran forward and flung his arms wide open.
Granddad took him into a hug, and then— when Charlie pulled away— he winked at Charlie. Charlie frowned, but Granddad just gestured at his pockets. Digging his hands into them, Charlie’s face lit up brighter than the Christmas tree, as he slipped his hands back out and grinned.
‘Let’s see, Charlie,’ Granny asked, a tone of mischief to her voice.
He did as she asked, and opened up his hand. There, laid in his palm, were three candies, all wrapped up in foil— bright yellow, dark green, and a shimmery red; caramel, mint, and strawberry. Charlie grinned.
‘Anyway, anyway,’ boomed his Granddad. ‘Where’s this grand old turkey of yours?’ he chortled, before bustling away through the house and vanishing into the kitchen. ‘The masterpiece of any Christmas day,’ Charlie heard him say as he went.
Beaming, Charlie smiled at Granny, and then ran up the stairs three steps at a time, before hurtling into his room and leaping onto his bed, before jumping back up again.
He grabbed a red pen from his bedside cabinet and padded across to the wall on the other side of his bedroom. A calendar was hung up on it, hanging from a drawing pin. Charlie raised the red pen into the air, and then made a criss-and-a-cross so that a large, red ‘X’ was planted on today. Another day closer to Christmas…
‘Oooohhh! How wonderful!’ came the voice of his Granny, flooding up the stairs.
Charlie— not wanting to miss a thing— chucked the red pen back down onto the cabinet, looked at his calendar and the two more days that he had to go, and then ran back out of his room, and back down the stairs.
It was shaping up to be one of the best Christmases that he had ever had…