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Hey all!

I’m going to keep this short and sweet because more details will be coming soon, but I’m very excited to reveal I have a NEW BOOK (my 7th book O_o) coming out in Spring 2015, on April 4th!


There’s a twist!

The book, entitled PARACHUTES, will be available to read from September 7th, 2014, one chapter at a time, over on Wattpad! Each week, I’ll be posting a new chapter of PARACHUTES so that you can follow along with the story as it’s written.


(I should add, the cover above is not final. It’ll change when the actual book is published next year!) 🙂

This is a completely new experience for me– writing as readers read the book– but I’m also hoping it will be just as exciting for you, as the reader.

With the ability to comment and discuss each chapter as they go up, I’m hoping PARACHUTES will make readers feel more involved with the story and the characters.

After all of PARACHUTES is available on Wattpad, on April 4th, 2015 an ebook and paperback version will be published, so if you wish to purchase the full book together, you can. Additionally, if you just wish to read it in all one go, you can wait until April 4th to purchase the book without reading it first on Wattpad.

PARACHUTES marks my 7th book to be published, which is both completely amazing and surreal to me, and I’m very excited to be able to bring it to you in this different way, and seeing how it works out– hopefully, it’ll work out well! 🙂

So, thank you to YOU reading this right now for supporting me, and I hope you enjoy PARACHUTES just as much as I’ve enjoyed working on it so far.

A lengthier synopsis of the book will be coming very soon, but for now, you can add it on Wattpad, where the story will begin on September 7th!

Thank you. 🙂


BONES ON THE SURFACE and the Television!

Hello everyone,

I know I’ve been saying online know for quite a while that I have some Exciting News to share, and I’m so excited to tell you guys that I’m just going to say it:

Earlier this year, my debut children’s book, BONES ON THE SURFACE, was optioned to be adapted for the television!

*flails* Ahhhh! *takes a moment to take it all in*

The story went a little like this…

In January, a television company voiced interest in my little book, and they requested a full copy be sent to them to read. I could not believe it, and– even more excitedly– on-board with the project is an actress who has been on many popular shows, including large dramas on the BBC! In my whirlwind of excitement, I instantly sent them the book…and then I waited.

They had yet to tell me what they wanted to do with it. All I knew was a producer and an actress and a team were going to be reading my little book– the book that began my author career. All the way through January, I checked my email at every spare moment. At times, I would even wake up in the middle of the night, get up, and check my email “just in case”, even though I knew no email would be there at two a.m., but they were always the chance that I “might have just missed it”.

Eventually. February rolled around, and still I had not heard anything. I knew, from writing books and being in this industry, that things move slowly– one day in the real world is a month in the book world. But then I got an email! I was so excited when I opened it…but it was just to confirm that they had got the copy that I had sent them, and to let me know they would be getting back to me soon. In this email, the words “programme”, “filming”, “media”, and “rights” were mentioned, but still nothing was confirmed.

And then silence happened. Through February and into March. I should add, that ALL the way up until this point, NOBODY KNEW ABOUT IT. I kept it all to myself- I didn’t want to tell anybody anything, including my family, until I one hundred per cent knew that something might be happening. It was beginning to drive me mad keeping it to myself, especially when people such as my great-grandmother would ask me on the phone, “And how’s the books going?”

Then, towards the end of March, I was told that I would hear something back during that week. But, once again, this week came and went. It wasn’t until April, four months after the beginning of this process, that they emailed me. It was THIS email that said that *later on this year* they’re interesting in producing/adapting it for the screen— it took me a few moments for me to realize they REALLY were asking for the rights to BONES ON THE SURFACE.

And several days later, my book was optioned, and, in addition, the mention of possibly doing re-adaption of the original book to go along with the television production! It really was a whirlwind– nothing happened for ages, and then within one week, it all happened: my book was optioned, I told my family at a meal, then the next day my fifth novel was published, and then I flew out abroad on holiday, before coming back and trying to process it all in my mind.

I am yet to be able to reveal the television company involved, until I know yet more details. TRUST ME, I want to be able to tell you ALL THE THINGS, but I’ve already just revealed this Exciting News, and I’ve had to try my best to do this, and this really is all I can do at the moment. I hope you understand. 🙂

It’s also important to note that BONES ON THE SURFACE has only been optioned– this done not mean that it *will* be adapted for the television definitely. It just means the chances of it appearing on your television screen has dramatically increased. It’s in the best hands possible at the moment, and I’m confident it’s gone to the right home.

Of course, I am over the moon at this news, and as soon as I can update on you on any developments, then I will as soon as I can. 🙂

Meanwhile, though, I just want to say VERY BIG THANK YOUs to every single one of you.

One of the biggest factors in influencing this television production company to adapt the book was the response that the book has been given: whether you’ve bought the book, tweeted about the book, reviewed the book, spread word about the book, put it into libraries, given it to relatives, shared blog posts, been part of the blog tour, entered giveaways to help spread the word more, etc.,– it’s really because of you that this is happening, and I could not be more grateful. I have the best supporters, readers, followers, in the world, I feel, and I’m very, very lucky. 🙂 Thank you so, so much for supporting me in my journey so far.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated on any progress with the BONES ON THE SURFACE television adaptation process.

Talk soon, thank you for reading, all the best, and take care,

Joshua Johnson