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Today I’m very happy to be bringing another review to you, this time thanks to Reach For The Stars Marketing company— with whom I have reviewed several books for in the past now— and so thank you very much for giving me this opportunity!

The book I reviewed is entitled THE ELEMENTAL DETECTIVE by Kirsten Weiss. At 268 pages long, this is book 5 in the Riga Hayworth Paranormal Mystery Series— and I loved it!

Riga Hayworth just wants to relax with her new husband on their Hawaiian honeymoon. But a body on Kauai beach pulls them into a murder investigation, sending the supernatural world into an uproar.

When Riga detects traces of magic at a murder scene, she knows she can’t ignore the call. There’s necromancy afoot, and she must prepare for the battle to come. But can Riga fight the forces of nature? Or will they destroy her and everyone she loves?

Book five in the Riga Hayworth series of paranormal mystery novels, The Elemental Detective is a fun, fast-paced urban fantasy blending romance with the supernatural, and exploring the magic of Hawaii.


When I first got this book, I was unsure about whether I would have to go back and read the first four books in the series, but after starting to read this book, I was very happy to discover that you didn’t *have* to— I still enjoyed the book just as much. In fact, saying that I enjoyed this book would be an understatement!

I loved this book just so, so much. It has everything in that I loved: lately, I’ve found myself quite getting into mystery books, and so a paranormal and a mystery, with the two main characters investigating mysterious deaths, in Hawaii, on their honeymoon— it had all of the perfect ingredients to make this book a success.

And a success it is. I found myself eagerly reading the entire book from start to finish in less than twenty-four hours, as I just did not want to put it down. Action is present on nearly every single page, and the characters— Riga and Donavan— bounce off each other so well and so fluently that their dialog really helped to add another element of this book that just made the words leap off the page.

The setting was amazing— in fact, it was so vivid in places it’s almost as though Weiss flew to Hawaii and wrote the book there! From the waterfalls to the trees to the buildings to the roads, the book plays out in your imagination like a film, as you can truly see it all playing out in front of your eyes— to me, this just reflects just how good this book is.

In addition to this, the plot— oh, the plot— is amazing. It had me guessing all the way up until the very end, and— and I don’t want to say too much because I don’t want to spoil anything for people who haven’t read this book yet (and if you haven’t read this book yet, then I really recommend that you do because you will not be disappointed, and that is a promise!)— the person that I occasionally thought was behind the mystery, in fact, turned out not to be. It was never predictable, and that was one of the many reasons as to why I completely adored this book.

The attention to detail, to plot, to setting, to premise, to characters, to speech, and so on and so on— honestly, the list of good things about this book is endless— all help to create a book that will not only capture your attention, your imagination, and all your free time because you won’t want to put it down, but also to create a book that will be sure to be one of the best books that you read this year. I know that I can safely say that this is in my top selections of books that I’ve read so far in 2014— in the very near future, I’m going to have to purchase book 1, 2, 3 and 4 of this series just because I want more of the world— and you’ll feel the same way.

It has the perfect blend of amazing aspects to make a captivating book.

From me, this is five out of five stars.

Please be sure to check it out!

Thank you to Kirsten Weiss, for writing this book, and thank you, as always, to Reach For The Stars for giving me the wonderful opportunity to be able to review books. To find out more about Weiss, as well as to see an extract from this book, please continue reading. Thank you.


Kirsten Weiss is the author of the Riga Hayworth paranormal mystery series: The Metaphysical Detective, The Alchemical Detective, The Shamaniac Detective, The Infernal Detective, and The Elemental Detective.

Kirsten worked overseas for nearly fourteen years, in the fringes of the former USSR and deep in the Afghan war zone. Her experiences abroad not only gave her glimpses into the darker side of human nature, but also sparked an interest in the effects of mysticism and mythology, and how both are woven into our daily lives.

Now based in San Mateo, CA, she writes paranormal mysteries, blending her experiences and imagination to create a vivid world of magic and mayhem.

Kirsten has never met a dessert she didn’t like, and her guilty pleasures are watching Ghost Whisperer reruns and drinking good wine.


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