Book trailer: HAUNTING by B. J. Sheldon

Hello, everybody!

I hope that you’re all HAPPY because it’s Friday! If so, I have something fun to share with you today that will either make your bad day good, or your good day better.

Yes, I’m very happy to able to share this *amazing* book trailer for fellow author and publishing fried, B.J. Sheldon! Her debut, HAUNTING, was published by Wandering In The Words Press in 2013, and shortly her sequel, IMPRINT, is due to be published. After reading the book myself, I recommend it very, very highly to everybody!

So, without anymore waiting, I’m very happy to share with you her book trailer for HAUNTING. Please watch it, and I hope you enjoy it!

In celebration of her book trailer, Sheldon has also permanently dropped the price of both her eBook and paperback on Amazon as well. The Kindle version is $1.99 and the paperback is now $8.50. (This will be as of Friday.)



Thank you so much! See you soon!


New Book Reveal!

Hello everybody!

Today I’m very happy to reveal my new YA book! I’ve been tweeting about it since before November, when I began to write it, and so after four months of trying not to give too much away in answering your questions on twitter/facebook/interviews/blog tours, you can finally find out what it’s about!

It’s entitled TO BE AN UNKNOWN and it has a publication date of August 16th, 2014!

Below is the synophis!…

Time never stands still. It’s always ticking, always moving, always flowing.

At least, that’s what you think.

Chase Carrick knows different. He’s a Hunter. His job is to keep Time in line.

It’s the job of the Hunter to find the Unknowns, and put Time right. But now something has happened that has never happened before…

Verity Cartmell and Hugo Parker are Unknowns. Growing up, on separate sides of the city, they’ve always made little blips happen in time, not understanding them, but one day– as every Unknown does– they create a Freezing: when everything stops, people are suspended in their actions, and Time stands still. To a Hunter, this is normal. After all, before he himself was a Hunter, he was an Unknown.

But this time, this case is different…

Never have two people, two Unknowns, created one Freezing at the same time… and never have they ran away, and tried to solve the problem for themselves.

But, as Time stands still, Verity and Hugo begin to form a connection, an attraction, a bond, and a team. They begin to work together, but they are alone. Nobody else in the city.

So what happens when they fall in love, but the only way to solve the Freezing means pulling them apart?

How is it possible that they can run out of time when Time is standing still?

I hope you like the sound of it! It’ll be coming to Goodreads soon for you to add.

It’ll be available in both paperback and ebook internationally, and later available in (if they don’t have it, request it!) Barnes & Noble, Waterstones, etc., as well as independent bookstores if you request it!

Thank you so much for your support, and I hope you enjoy the book. Roll on August 16th! 🙂