• Author Name – Charlotte Gerber
• Book Title – I Dream of Zombies
• Genre – Fiction –Humor and Mystery
• Formats available Epub, PDF
• Page number of your book – 206
• Publication date – October 28, 2013
Book Blurb:

Being a zombie counselor was not Rose Lee’s dream job. However, there was a growing need for people who were willing to work with clients that smelled bad, were falling apart, and had a propensity for bad behavior. She decided to put her college degree to work, and try to help out her fellow man, or rather fellow zombies.

When Rose meets a soon-to-be zombie waitress at the Crispy Biscuit, things go from bad to worse. She has run-ins with zombie landlords, zombie hunters, undercover zombies and mercenaries, just to name a few.

Rose tackles all of her problems straight on, whether she is taking out a thug in the supermarket parking lot or saving a cop’s life at the playground. She battles the dark underbelly of post-apocalypse Hornellsville, and proves that she is more than just a pretty girl named after a famous stripper.

The first book in what I happily discovered to be a new series with author. Charlotte Gerber, hard at work on the sequel, I DREAM OF ZOMBIES, book 1 of the Rose Lee’s Zombie Adventures series, did not fail to impress me.
A concept with seems new and refreshing to read, told through quick prose that makes it both a quick read whilst firing up the reader’s imagination with the story playing out before their very eyes, the plot of Rose Lee— a zombie social worker— leaps off the page, each and every single one.

Working at the Department of Human and Zombie Services two years after the zombie apocalypse— or ZA, as the book refers to it as, the book starts with just another normal day for Rose: dealing with zombies, as nobody else wanted the job, and it sure does make life interesting.

But, as she’s on her way to work, she stops by for a morning coffee and a biscuit, only to discover a worker who has signs of changing into a zombie. Bound by her duty to act, Rose soon gets caught up with Leah and her son, Jesse… the only thing is, she shouldn’t be turning into a zombie, because the zombie population shouldn’t be growing…

Complete with mystery, action, and suspense, this book will drag you in and you’ll want to devour it quickly as you can to reach the end— I, myself, was hooked immediately and couldn’t put it down, finishing it in just over twenty-four hours, before leaping straight on-line eager to discover if/when the sequel will release.

With haunting dreams, two clashing men after her, a zombie to care for, her clients, a small boy to look after, a stolen car, a murder mystery, as well as questioning just who is helping the rise of the zombie population, I DREAM OF ZOMBIES has everything going on, and yet each plot point, each storyline, is neatly woven together intricately and seamlessly with care.

This book gets five-stars from me, and I would recommend to anybody and everybody.

Thank you to Reach For The Stars for giving me the opportunity to do these reviews, as well as to Charlotte for happily exchanging an ARC for a honest review. I look forward to reading your sequel!

• Author Bio –
Charlotte Gerber lives in upstate New York on a farm with her military family, along with numerous rescued cats and dogs, a wide variety of chickens and eight ducks.

She has published two books: Murder in Middleton, and I Dream of Zombies.

Four books that will be published in the near future include: A Very Merry Middleton Christmas, Curiosity Killed the Cat, Zombie Asylum (Rose Lee’s Zombie Adventures – Book 2), and Angelique.

Prior to writing books full-time, Charlotte worked as a disability columnist for the New York Time’s website. She has authored hundreds of articles across the Internet and continues to write self-help guides, book reviews, and guest posts as time allows.


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• Twitter: @gerberink
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