Cover Reveal: THEIR TIME TO GO

So, with just one week to go until THEIR TIME TO GO releases, it’s certainly time to finally reveal the cover!

With it being the first in a series, it’s really important to me that all five books match, so I’m happy to announce that this will be the case!

Also, I’ve seen the interior of this book, and it is pretty– it has some swirly font at the beginning, the page numbers look fancy, and my name/book title on top of the pages is something that hasn’t been done on any of my books before, so that makes it even more exciting! It’s also my longest book yet– 346 pages!

This is one of my favourite books of my work so far, both because I love the characters and the story, but also because it’s quite a personal book to me in a deeper meaning. However, I am very, very excited to share this book with the world, for you to meet the characters, and for this story to become ours instead of just mine.

If you don’t know what it’s about yet, here is the blurb!

When sixteen-year-old Tiffany Winters strolls past Willowtree Care Home for the Elderly, she notices that something isn’t right. There is just a certain ‘feel’ to the place. After she quizzes her Mum, she discovers that her great-grandfather lived and died there, and she wants to know more about him and the Home– but things are never that simple.
Willowtree has been taken over by a new management team that nobody knows anything about, there are no records or memories of her late grandfather, and there is a mysterious boy on the loose.
Together, Tiffany and the elderly must piece together what they know to build the full puzzle, and only then will they be able to solve the mystery behind the the Care Home and her great-grandfather.
But the only way to do so?
Wander into a secret warehouse that leads into another world full of ghosts, secrets, and rows upon rows of suitcases…

I’ve already shared a couple of extracts from this book, and they can be found on THIS blog.

And so, without any further waiting, here is the front cover! I hope you like it! If you give this book a chance on January 25th or at any later date, then please know that– as always– I thank you so, so much for your support, and that I think you’re the BEST.



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