So, today is Tuesday, which means it’s time for another teaser! With THEIR TIME TO GO releasing in just 11 days, preparations for the blog tour are well underway, and I am so excited for it– we’ve got blog interviews, guest posts, advance reviews, a vlog from a YouTuber, and a filmed interview, too!

The extract below is taken from Chapter 8, and takes place between Tiffany Winters and Betty Wallace, who is an inhabitant at the Care Home which features heavily in the story.

I hope you enjoy it, and remember: January 25th in both paperback and ebook formats this book releases!

Betty’s room was a flamingo pink color, and each wall was colored the same. Everything was colored the same. Her bed was flamingo pink, her carpet was flamingo pink, even her picture frames was flamingo pink.

“I take you like pink, Betty?” I say, staring around the small room.

“Ooh, yes. Love it.”

I look around this small room. They are a tiny window on the far wall, with a bed underneath it. Pressed up against the opposite wall is a cabinet, with a small boxy television stood on top of it. Just a few meters in front of it is a reclining chair, that looks old and frayed and worn.

“I wanted to make the room look my own. They don’t usually let you, but I was allowed. The new management want to turn it back to how it used to be, though.” Betty tells me, sadly.


Sighing, she says, “Well, they just say that they have ‘big plans’ for the Home now that they have taken over it, and that all the rooms need to be converted back to how they used to be in order to carry out these ‘big plans’”.

“What are these big plans? Do you know?”

Betty looks down at the flamingo pink carpet, “Nope. They wouldn’t tell us.”

“You mean, you asked?”

“Oh yes. Despite the place being quite lonely, it is still our home at the end of the day. We’ve been here longer than the new management, and so we didn’t quite take to the idea of them bursting into our home and changing everything that we knew about it. It turns out now that we don’t, in fact, know anything about it.”

I scan the walls, hoping that I’ll find something that can give me some answers, or just tiny bit of information about the new management. “Have you seen them?”


“The new management.”

Betty laughs to herself quietly, “Ooh no. Nobody sees them. Like nobody would ever meet a big boss at a business. They run the place, they decide what happens to the place, they keep secrets from us about the place, but you never actually get to see them around the place. I have no idea who it is, or who they are, or what they look like. Bit scary, really.”

I sigh.

“Everything okay, love?” Betty asks me, as she slowly walks across her room to a far corner, before leaving her walker there, lit up by the sunlight that is tinted flamingo pink from all of the flamingo pink that surrounds it. Then, she walks back across the room, unaided and slower than before, and over to her reclining seat, before settling down and sinking into it.

“That’s better,” she says, but I don’t look over at her or respond to her. My mind is going into overdrive, and so many questions are being fired through my head. Why does the new management never show themselves?

Why do they kept themselves hidden? Where do they keep themselves hidden?

Where are they?


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