Hello, everybody!

So today I have two things to share with you! I’m very excited to share these, and I hope you like them! So, what are we waiting for? *drumrolls*

First up, I have a new book coming out! It’s entitled THE DIAMOND HOTEL and is due for release April 8th, 2014! It’ll mark my first move into contemporary novels, and this is a mystery crime fiction novel, set in Russia. Below is the blurb:

One day, Mrs Rushmore’s son–who’s in his twenties–, packs up his life in London into a suitcase and jets off to Russia with no explanation.
Mrs Rushmore has always had her head buried in the sand, and it isn’t until she has several conversations with several people, that news soon spreads that something suspicious might be going on with her unemployed-but-somehow-wealthy son…
Three days later, a knock is heard on her door, and she soon discovers that Jack has been found dead in The Diamond Hotel– a building that is now emptier than ever before, with nothing but abandoned shops, a bank, and a dirty but growing industrial site surrounding it.
All the police know is this: he was never seen during the daytime, he was never heard speaking, and that they were no physical marks on his body that could draw up a conclusion of how he died.
Immediately, investigations are launched, and the case begins to attract media attention. At the same time, the Russian and the British police forces clash– but they all want answers to the same questions.
Why did Jack go to Russia in the first place? What was he planning on doing? What did he do during the three days leading up to his sudden death? And, most importantly, how did he die?
People who were once thought to be innocent may be hiding secrets, because who knows what surprises lay ahead once the stones are beginning to be turned…

In addition to the reveal of THE DIAMOND HOTEL, here is the front cover of THE SWEET LIFE, releasing on December 14th, 2013!


So, thank you for joining me in this double reveal. I hope you like the front cover, and I really hope you like the sound of THE DIAMOND HOTEL. I’ve been working on it for most of 2013 and so it makes me so happy to be able to finally reveal it! 🙂


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