Friday Five: Week 2!– December 6th, 2013

1. Welcome back everybody! This is my second week doing a Friday Five, and I can’t believe how fast this last week has gone! It’s literally passed me by in a blur. Since last Friday, my most exciting day was when SOULLESS released on November 30th. I love this book so, so much, and it’s been great to know people have been spreading the word and discussing the book. They were once a time when I never thought the book would ever get finished, so for it not only be a physical thing that I can hold and slot onto my bookshelf, but for it to be out there and available for the world to have their bookshelves is a truly amazing experience. To everybody who has either taken a chance with SOULLESS and bought a copy in the release week, and to those people who may go on to buy a copy, thank you so, so much— I wish I could put into words just how much it means to me— every copy counts, and your support is something that I would never take for granted. Never ever ever— and that, everybody, is a promise.

2. Related to this is the SOULLESS blog tour. The Blog Tour kicked off for the book this week, and it continues to run all into next week. It’s been amazing working on this blog tour, and it’s this that has made this week an extremely good week. I’ve been interviewed about my writing and my books, I’ve discussed the diversity of writing, the story behind SOULLESS, and— just earlier on today— I’ve been writing and discussing why reading is still important in today’s technological culture. Whilst writing books and being an author is something I adore, this half of being a writer— being able to talk about the books, the characters, and other topics— is something that is really fun, and it always makes me very happy when I get invited to do a guest post like this. I’ll always take an opportunity when it comes my way— even if it does mean that sometimes I overbook myself and end up with no time to breathe! It always end up good in the long-run, most of the time!

3. Away from the book side of things, I went on a day trip this Wednesday to the city of Lincoln. I had to be up so, so early at the time of 4.45am. It was so cold! I was picked up by a friend when it was still pitch-black outside, and we went on to the bus station. There, we caught our bus and traveled for two and a half hours through country-roads before arriving in Lincoln. When we arrived, we visited a cafe that I swear must be the most cozy cafe in all the land. It was really nice to take some time out and drink hot chocolate whilst watching the world go by. Sometimes, I think we can all be too busy to truly stop and take things in— everybody seemed so festive when you looked, and it was nice to see everybody looking so happy. Other places I visited was an entire shop dedicated to stationary— I totally paid £1.75 per red pen for editing, because the red pens were cool! I have three books I’m starting to edit this month that aren’t by me, and two books I’ll be editing on top of this after Christmas, so it’s ALL THE RED PENS for me! I also visited the Cathedral, ate a very large slice of double chocolate gateau, and bought a book: ICONS by Margaret Stohl.

4. Also, during this week the First of December rolled around. I can’t believe how fast this year has gone! Naturally, I put up my Christmas decorations as soon as I could. I had been so jealous seeing all the people in America with their Christmas decorations going up during their Thanksgiving holiday, that I didn’t think I would be able to wait much longer! I listened to Christmas music and battled with the Sellotape, all whilst tweeting updates— naturally— as I went along. I’m happy to say that they did end up alright, and I’m sat by the glow of them as I write this blog post. 🙂 I’m feeling just so festive! I’ll be having a real Christmas tree, too, this year, and tomorrow morning I’m going out to do my Christmas shopping, which is always very exciting. But you’ll hear more about that next week!

5. Finally, this week was the second week I’ve been using the sticker method of accountability by Victoria Schwab. Basically, for every one thousand words, you earn a star. I’ve been using an app on my iPad for this, but the same principle applies. Although I took Wednesday off, and I didn’t do any writing that day, I’ve managed to write/edit/blog a total of 11,000 words so far this week, and so I feel as though it’s working well. To anybody out there is writes, I would really recommend this. Not only do it provide accountability for your work, as well as making it easier to manage, it also enables you to visualize how much you’ve done. I’m going to continue on with it for the rest of December, and hopefully by the end of the month I’ll have a screenshot of the calendar to show you that I can discuss and delve into more detail with you.

So, that’s it for this week: it’s been a week of blog touring, author interviews, Lincoln, bus trips, chocolate cake, and an amazing release week on top of all that, with a dash of festivity entwined all around it. Thank you for reading, as always, and I’ll hopefully see you next week.

Have a very good weekend a very good week week, and see you next week, same place, same time. 🙂

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