Continuing on from yesterday’s review of book one–BEYOND THE EYES– today I’m reviewing book two! Tomorrow will be the last day with the review of book three.

DARK SPIRITS is the second book in the trilogy by Rebekkah Ford, following the strong female character of Paige Reed— a seventeen year old girl who knows exactly what it is that she’s fighting for.
Now marked with immortality, things are getting more and more dangerous, and the tension is running high— the way that this book has written just proves that Ford is one talented author who knows how to spin an amazing story that will keep you up all night reading, frantic to reach the end and to continue turning those pages so you can waltz your way into book three—it is books like this you wish the word trilogy meant ‘never ending’.

Woven neatly around the high-paced action as Paige battles to save the world by finding ancient incantations that will stop the evil taking over the good, and causing a mass death of the population, Rebekkah Ford shows us story-telling at its best— Brayden, Paige’s ex-boyfriend, arrives back in Astoria, and the timing couldn’t be worse.

Things are made even better when we get to read from Nathan’s— Paige’s current boyfriend and our ancient-on-the-inside cute-on-the-outside main protagonist— point of view, allowing us to gain another perspective on the story. Allowing Ford to take us deeper and further into her well-thought out world that we feel as though we can just walk into due to the seamless prose, she gives us a real understanding of Nathan’s feelings toward not only Brayden, but also to the love of his life— we learn that he has his reasons behind everything, but he also has his own secrets from his past, too.

At the same time, their best friends Tree and Carrie are thrown into the mix, after learning what’s really been going on, and now they’re involved, too. Alongside this, Ford slowly reveals secrets about Paige’s family, creating suspense and tension and the urge to never put the book down. The back-story and the plotting of this book— and the rest of the trilogy— has clearly been very well thought out, and a lot of work has been put in behind-the-scenes to make this book what it is, and it sure does pay off.

With love, action, secrets, friends, exes, and the running out of time, DARK SPIRITS acts a brilliant second book, advancing on Ford’s talent from book one, and setting high expectations for book three.

As the lines behind the good side and the bad side begin to blur, and characters we once felt deep trust for now cross the line, things are getting interesting.

This seriously is a trilogy I would recommend to anybody, everybody, everywhere.

You will not be disappointed.

2 thoughts on “DARK SPIRITS: Book Review

  1. Wow! You did a brilliant job in writing this review. Thank you! Would you mind posting these excellent reviews to Amazon UK & US? You’re a good writer, Joshua. It makes me happy you love my books, and I appreciate your support. 🙂


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