Project Reveal!


After discussing this short project on Twitter, sharing a short teaser from it on Tumblr, and posting sneak peeks of it during edits/revisions online, I’m excited to be able to finally reveal it you!

So, I’m happy to announce that I’ve written a short story titled RED EYES, which features the creatures from my upcoming Young Adult novel, SOULLESS.

RED EYES will be published on Saturday 2nd November, 2013, and– at just over 6,000 words in length– it’ll be eBook only for now.

So, here is the synopsis:

Stephanie, her Mom, and her Dad are about to travel abroad from their sleepy American hometown from LAX airport to visit London, England. Everything seems to be going as it should– Mom is still fussing about her looks, and Dad still has no sense of direction.
But when Stephanie notices a pair of mysterious red lights in the corner of her eyes amongst the busy crowds, she has a feeling that something is going to happen… but her parents don’t believe her, and her attempts to stop them boarding the aircraft fails.
Then, at 35,000 feet in the air, darkness falls upon the passengers and mysterious creatures appear throughout the plane. Not only that, but the Captain and his Co-Pilot turn out to be these killer creatures, too.
Trapped in the sky, in the dark, with nobody flying the plane, how will Stephanie, her parents, and the rest of the passengers ever escape from…the Soulless?

And to top of tonight’s announcement, below is the cover for RED EYES…









Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy reading RED EYES on November 2nd, 2013. Remember, SOULLESS itself will be released on November 30th, 2013.

Joshua J. Johnson is the author of the upcoming children’s book, ‘Bones On The Surface’, as well as the YA novels Soulless, The Sweet Life, and Their Time To Go. You can add his books on Goodreads here:



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