Things I Did In June 2013

When 2013 began, I told myself that I would try to make this year one of the best ever, and make it eventful. I didn’t just want to do everyday things, but make it count. Just some of the things I’ve done so far this year have included writing books for actual release (O_o is all I can do), plan a trip to Edinburgh (Yay!), and begin saving for a year of travels to New York AND Australia (eeeeeeee).

One of the ways to do this is to take the year month by month.

It is by doing this that the long path of a year feels more like a series of smaller, less daunting stepping stones. From now onwards, I’ll be posting what I’ve done each month to make sure that I, you know, DO SOMETHING. Because what is a blog post with nothing to discuss?

So, here is what I did in JUNE:

I visited the pet shop and saw cute animals and colourful fish.


I went to a fishing museum, and I went on a ship simulator. It felt weirrddddd.


I sorted out my bookshelf, because it makes me feel happy, and also because it reminds me that each of those books and authors started where I am now.


I went to Lincoln on the train and saw the pretty countryside, which (a) made me realise that we should sometimes just stop and think of the world around us; (b) made me go, “Wait…is that…is that REALLY where our cereal comes from?”, and (c) made me realise that it really is a CITY I want to move to in the future.


In Lincoln, I climbed this REALLY STEEP STREET just to see the Cathedral.


But it was worth it, because the Cathedral is really pretty and over-whelming and made me go O_o again. Also, I saw a bunch of school children sat in front of it, and they were being made to draw the Cathedral. It made me realise how much I hated doing that when I was younger.



The inside of the Cathedral made the place seem even bigger. Maybe it’s like the TARDIS? *ponders* *imagines a Cathedral hurtling through Time and Space*


And then these were ALL THE OTHER THINGS I saw in Lincoln. I also ate a Burger King, which was pretty cool and tasty because FOOD.

A horse. Which was probably IN THE BURGER I ATE. O_o


This poem that made me smile. It also made me hold up everybody in the street because I insisted on taking a photo of it.


And then they were these boats. *realises that I’m beginning to sound like an old person with a giant photo album*


There were also THIS, which amazes me. Once again, I was like O_o.


But then it was time to leave, so as I crossed the OMG REALLY TALL BRIDGE THAT WOBBLES AS LORRIES WHIZZ UNDERNEATH IT, I took this picture and said, ‘Goodbye, Lincoln.’ in the way that Young-Self used to say ‘Goodbye, house.’ when I went on holidays.


Then, to finish off June, I went on some REALLY LONG BIKE RIDES with my parents, which made me realise that I should do more exercise, because they kicked my… yeah. So. There’s that.


And that, my dear readers, was my June. And if I say so myself, it was really good.


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