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People everywhere!

I am doing an eARC giveaway of THEIR TIME TO GO.

Firstly, an eARC stands for electronic Advanced Reader Copy, sometimes known as an Uncorrected Proof Copy.

Secondly, THEIR TIME TO GO isn’t due to be released until January 25th, 2014, so by entering this competition you have the chance to read it seven months in advance! THREE people have a chance of winning a copy, but if more people enter than expected, the number of winners will be bumped up.

Thirdly, if you don’t know what the book is about, then here it goes:

When sixteen-year-old Tiffany Winters strolls past Willowtree Care Home for the Elderly, she notices that something isn’t right. There is just a certain ‘feel’ to the place. After she quizzes her Mum, she discovers that her great-grandfather lived and died there, and she wants to know more about him and the Home– but things are never that simple.
Willowtree has been taken over by a new management team that nobody knows anything about, there are no records or memories of her late grandfather, and there is a mysterious boy on the loose.
Together, Tiffany and the elderly must piece together what they know to build the full puzzle, and only then will they be able to solve the mystery behind the the Care Home and her great-grandfather.
But the only way to do so?
Wander into a secret warehouse that leads into another world full of ghosts, secrets, and rows upon rows of suitcases…

Fourthly…How to enter:

– On Twitter, use the hashtag ‘#TTTGeARC’ which counts as ONE entry. You can use the hashtag as many times as you like– each time counts as an entry. You can also like my author page on Facebook, as this also counts. If you’ve already liked it, you’ll get an automatic entry.

– Add THEIR TIME TO GO to your to-read list on Goodreads. Screenshot it and tweet me it to prove it, and this will earn you THREE entries. If you have already added the book to your to-read list, tweet me and I’ll make sure your entries have been put down. Also, if you add my other books on Goodreads (three books), you can have another two entries per add, making a total of six more.

– Do a short blog post about this giveaway. That can be as simple as just re-blogging/click like on this, or copying and pasting these rules and explaining the giveaway to your readers. If you do make a blog post, shoot me the link to it as a tweet, or in the comments on, and this will earn you FIVE entries.

– If you make an YouTube video about the giveaway, then tweet me the link/post it in the comments on my blog– joshuajs because this will earn you TEN entries, plus one additional entry per 10 views that the video gets.

Finally, remember that THREE people will win an eARC of THEIR TIME TO GO. However, if a lot of people enter, I may bump the number up. I’m certainly very excited about, and so get tweeting/facebooking/blogging/YouTubeing!

This competition closes at midnight UK time on Sunday 16th June, 2013, with winners being announced shortly afterwards. I will the get in touch with the winners in regards to details about sending over the eARC files. The eARC file will work across all devices.

(Also, people still keep thinking I’m 15 due to an error in the info on this blog. It refuses to change, but I am not 15. Sadly, as said before, I am older. Thank you for your understanding.)

SOULLESS Cover Reveal Very Exciting Announcement

Okay, so last night something awesome happened and I wasn’t sure if I could announce it, but now I can (eeek!), and so here it is:

The cover reveal for SOULLESS will take place on on June 9th, midnight EST!

I am SO excited to have it revealed on an amazing website like this, and I feel honoured to have been invited. They’ll also be talking about the cover on their Twitter, as well as their Facebook page.

Also, if you’ve heard a strange squeaking/squealing sound, don’t worry. That’s me. It has been for the last thirteen hours because I’ve been eeeeeeeeeeee-ing.

Anyhow, thank you for your time, and I look forward to sharing the cover of SOULLESS with you all!