June LiveShow: Announcement

It is now June, and this month I am doing a LIVESHOW. I am super excited for this one, because something different is happening that I am incredibly excited about, but also incredibly nervous about at the same time!

More details, such as a date/time/what is happening/etc, will be coming soon!

Thank you!


Book Reveal

Hello, everybody!

Now then, for the last nine weeks or so– if you’ve been following me on twtter– you’ll know that I’ve been working on another book. You’ll also know that I love it very much, that I found it challenging, and that it’s a long book.

It clocks in at around 80,000 words, and so it’ll be around 300 pages.

I’ve been waiting to reveal this for ages, but I’ve had to wait until now to do so for reasons. In this book, the characters came to me first, and I feel as though I truly know them. In fact, the whole of this book was so vivid to me, and I think that was down to the planning and the plotting. This story has been stewing in my mind for such a long time, that when I began writing another book it was this story that told me that it needed to be told first.

So, it’s finally come to the moment where I can reveal this synopsis of this book–which has an awesome cover by the way– which is called….


Mia and Roxanne have always been the best of friends, supported each other through everything, and always been happy for one another… but that’s when things were simple.
Fast forward to their teenage years, and life is now full of complications… but only for Mia. Everything seems to happen to Mia, whereas Roxanne seems to have quite the sweet life– literally. She has the family, her bakery, and the love of her life– everything that Mia wants.
But one day something terrible happens, and Ryan- her boyfriend- is nowhere to be seen, and people go missing and bodies are found. Creatures appear in your bathroom, down your streets and inside your bakery, and along with them they bring blood, action and hunger– a hunger for souls.

Written from different points of views, SOULLESS will raise questions about each character and humanity as a whole, whilst being packed with action, guns, cakes, blood, kisses, and romance.

Because the question is:

Who is the villain after all? Maybe it just isn’t who you think it is…

SOULLESS will be released on November 30th. Giveaways will start shortly and are already in the planning. ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) are not yet available due to the novel still be in revisions. The front cover has been made, and will be revealed very soon.

Thank you for taking your time, and I hope SOULLESS will be a book on your shelf one day! 🙂