THEIR TIME TO GO Synophis Reveal

Hello! My early 2014 Young Adult novel is entitled THEIR TIME TO GO. At the moment, it’s my favourite book that I’ve written– it quite dark, has sad parts as well as happy parts to it, raises questions that makes you think, and it eerie. It just has a ‘feel’ to it, and I loves it SO much. The release date will be revealed soon!

Anyway, I’m looking forward to sharing it with you, and- finally- here is the synopsis:

When sixteen-year-old Tiffany Winters strolls past Willowtree Care Home for the Elderly, she notices that something isn’t right. There is just a certain ‘feel’ to the place. After she quizzes her Mum, she discovers that her great-grandfather lived and died there, and she wants to know more about him and the Home– but things are never that simple.
Willowtree has been taken over by a new management team that nobody knows anything about, there are no records or memories of her late grandfather, and there is a mysterious boy on the loose.
Together, Tiffany and the elderly must piece together what they know to build the full puzzle, and only then will they be able to solve the mystery behind the the Care Home and her great-grandfather.
But the only way to do so?
Wander into a secret warehouse that leads into another world full of ghosts, secrets, and rows upon rows of suitcases…

The first in a new series, THEIR TIME TO GO is an eerie novel that is full of the unexpected. It is due to be released in early 2014.

If you like the sound of this book, and wish to support it, you can now add it on Goodreads at the following link, as well as Joshua J. Johnson’s other books:

Joshua J. Johnson is the author of the children’s book, BONES ON THE SURFACE (October 26th, 2013), and the Young Adult novels, THE SWEET LIFE (December 14th, 2013) and THEIR TIME TO GO (2014).


The Secret 2014 YA Book: How You Can Find Out All About It

Hello everybody!

Today I have something exciting to share with you…

If you follow me on Twitter, then you will know that earlier this year I wrote a book that nobody knew anything about. (You will also know that I’m currently writing a book that nobody knows about, but we’ll save that for another time.)

The only things that you do know from my tweets/blog are:

– It’s a YA book.

-It’s around 63,000 words long.

-I found Chapter 26 really sad to write.

-It has a scene in a warehouse (from when I tweeted a picture of a warehouse).

-It’s the first in a series.

-The initials of the title are TTTG.

-It comes out in 2014.

I said last month that in April (that’s this month, like, how?!) I can share the title and it’s synophis and the release month (official date to be set, but I know the month!) and everything with you, and so that is what is going to happen.


Only if you all get you all involved!

This blog currently has just over 2,500 views, so here’s the deal:


2,600 views, the title will be revealed.

2,750 views, the synopsis will be revealed.

3,000 views, the official release month will be revealed. It’s definitely in 2014, though!

So, you want to find out WHAT this book is, and WHEN you can read it, then share this blog with people and get it seen!

Over on my Twitter, I will be tweeting how many more views are needed for each reveal. To see this, follow me- I’m @joshjohnson1196.

Anyway, GOOD LUCK, and let’s hope that we can get all this revealed as soon as possible– then I can talk about this book with you, because keeping this book a secret is eating my brain. I just want to be able to shout out the title!


P.S. I am looking into doing GIVEAWAYS soon, too- only when this has all been revealed. Now that’s an incentive! I’m not sure what to giveaway yet, though, so there’s that. *looks around for stuff* But still, a giveaway just for reading/sharing a blog, and finding out about a 2014 YA book in the process!

Joshua J. Johnson is the author of BONES ON THE SURFACE, which comes out October 26th, 2013 and THE SWEET LIFE, which comes out in December 2013.