Two Pieces Of News!

Okay guys. I should be saying ‘I’m back from Bulgaria!’, alas, I am not. For reasons, we didn’t end up going.

But then, I have been cheered up by being able to share these nuggets news, which are very exciting!

News # 1:

In mid-to-late March I will be revealing the cover of BONES ON THE SURFACE!

Now this excites me so, so much because I love the cover of this book. I think it fits in well with the book itself, and I just want to pet it.

The cover itself is fairly simple, but yet it is so relevant to the story. I just can’t wait to be able to hold the physical copy of my book with it on!

News # 2:

I’ll announce the official date of the cover release as soon as I can, but for now, enjoy reading the FULL AND COMPLETE synopsis.

“Bones, the skeleton, is bored of being in the Death Room- the room underneath a graveyard with coffins lining the walls and squashy, red couches that they can sit upon.

The trouble is, skeletons are forbidden from leaving.

So, what happens when Bones and his best friend- Rattles- escapes the Death Room? Where will they go and what will they do?

Will he ever be able to accept his place in life?”

BONES ON THE SURFACE, coming Saturday 26th October 2013, in both paperbook and eBook formats.

Joshua J. Johnson is the British debut author of the children’s book, Bones On The Surface, as well as several upcoming YA novels of his 2014 ‘Twisted Fairytale’ series.

You can connect with him at:

Twitter: @joshjohnson1196


Goodreads: Search ‘Bones On The Surface’ or ‘The Sweet Life’ , or scroll down the find the links below.



You can now add my first two books, BONES ON THE SURFACE and THE SWEET LIFE on Goodreads! Please support me on this journey and add to your ‘to-read’ list! Thank you!

Also, details of my October blog tour will be revealed soon, so watch this space!


Bones On The Surface

Add THE SWEET LIFE, Twisted Fairytales Book 1…

The Sweet Life (Twisted Fairytales, #1)

Bones On The Surface- eBook Author Copy

So, after doing a short competition over on Twitter, it looks like people wanted to see the eBook version of Bones On The Surface more than they did the synopsis of the new book that I am working on, or the first chapter of The Sweet Life.

Bones On The Surface is my debut children’s book, and is set to be released October 26th, 2013. That’s 264 days away!

I don’t have the paperback version of my book yet (I assume that it’ll take a few months yet), but I have my author copy of the eBook version. Some things may still change with it, but here are a few pictures of my shiny, adorable, children’s book…