The First Lines

Hello! So as you know, I am currently in the middle of writing my third book (which is all top secret), and then afterwards I plan to write a trilogy. But for now I thought that it would be a good idea to share the first line of each of my three books, so here we go:


“Bones woke up in her coffin and decided that it was time to get up.”


“Georgia Sweetcane was chopping wood outside of her cottage.”


“Mary dropped her car into third gear and glanced up to her mirror, before tilting it slightly.”

Also, follow me on Twitter where you can follow my progress of writing my third book against my deadline. I currently have 21,000 words. @joshjohnson1196

Thank you!

One thought on “The First Lines

  1. They all sound amazing! I read the other one chapter book you posted a few months back, which was grand. I would really like to read these as I’m sure they’re going to follow up to the standards of ‘Bones on The Surface’. Are you going to post these three books at some point?


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