Question and Answer Session- Part Five

Question 41- Would you choose a certain genre and stick to it?

Probably not. At the minute I am enjoying being able to write in different genres for different age groups. BONES ON THE SURFACE is a book for young children and THE SWEET LIFE would be 12 and up. My third book that I am writing now, and my fourth book that I’ll be writing in 2013 are being kept a secret at the moment though!

Question 42- Would you ever consider choosing one genre?

Nope, because as I just said, I enjoy being able to write in different genres, such as fantasy, and for adults etc.

Question 43- Who wrote BLOODBATH with you?

I didn’t write BLOODBATH. It was a short story submitted to be posted on my blog for the guest post Friday feature.

Question 44- Where are you from?

Already had this question I think, but if you didn’t find it and the answer, then I am from England.

Question 45- Who is your least favourite character from books that aren’t your own?

I cant think of an answer for this question. I shall have a think and get back to you on it!

Question 46- Who is your least favourite character from your books?

In BONES ON THE SURFACE and THE SWEET LIFE I honestly loved all of the characters, and on my third book which I am writing now, I am really enjoying writing the characters (I’m only 12,000 words in!) but they are one character which is quite a nasty person- but she is really fun to write.

Question 47- What made you want to write?

I have always written. When I was younger I used to get people to make a list of five things, and then I would write a short story from them! I also used to make my family a weekly booklet filled with short stories, and then I changed it to a daily booklet…until I was told I was using too much ink from the printer! In 2011 I decided to start writing my first book, which was about pirates, but I stopped when I got 20,000 words in. Then in early 2012 I started to write another book, which is the book about a all of the children on Earth having their dreams intercepted, but I was writing it on a plane when I decided it wasn’t working, and I had another idea for a book, which was BONES ON THE SURFACE. I wrote that and that book turned out to be the lucky book! I finished it, and it’s being published October 2013. I am doing final edits on that. I am finalising THE SWEET LIFE for a January handover, and I am writing my third book currently, as well as starting to draft up my fourth book.
Question 48- How do you measure how long your book is?

The word counter on Microsoft Word, or an app on my iPad!

Question 49- Do you go to writing classes in your spare time?


Question 50- Have you got many ideas?

Yepp. I get new ideas all the time, but I wouldn’t turn each one into a book, becausr you have to get a really good idea and really believe in it to turn it into a good book!

For example, a room underneath a cemetery where a skeleton who needs to accept his place in life was a concept that I really wanted to write about! (BONES ON THE SURFACE, OCTOBER 2013 from WANDERING IN THE WORDS PRESS)


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