Question and Answer Session- Part Four

Below is part four of the question and answer session. Today I talk about romantic novels, ice, as well as other authors that I think you should follow on Twitter…and buy their books.

Question 31- Are character names important?

YES. That’s like asking if a baby’s name is important. The name has to feel right, and often when you have a name for a character then you somehow know so much more about them. Sometimes I can come up with a name for a character before I have even started writing them, and sometimes it can take AGES.

Question 32- Are novel titles important?

Yepp, because the novel title is the thing that people hear about your book first, and so it has to be related to the storyline in someway- after all you wouldn’t buy a book that sounded really boring, like “Door Handles”.

Question 33- What is your inspiration?

I don’t exactly know where my ideas come from, but the things that keep me inspired to write everyday are my eagerness in wanting to get my ideas down on paper and getting my story told, and also deadlines!

Question 34- What other authors inspire you?

Originally J.K. Rowling as her books were the first books that I ever read, but since then many more, especially the ones that I talk to often on Twitter:
@veschwab (THE NEAR WITCH, THE ARCHIVED, VICIOUS) and @BJSheldonAuthor (HAUNTING). I think you should follow them.

Question 35- What other stories inspired you?

Too many to list I think! Any story that has been written from start to finish should be classed as an inspiration.

Question 36- Do you like writing suspense?

I have included parts of suspense in my books, but I haven’t written completely in the suspense genre. So many tell people tell me to write a book to what they say, and I am already booked up until April 2013 with deadlines!

Question 37- What do you think of science-fiction?

I like it!

Question 38- What do you think to romantic books?

I’m sure that they are very good, but I personally haven’t read any. Sorry!

Question 39- What do you think to fantasy?

I like this also.

Question 40- Where are you from?

Lincolnshire, UK. It’s very cold, very icy and very shivery here right now. BRR!


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