Question and Answer Session- Part 2/7

Question 11- How do you write?

I write by putting one word after the other, just like I am here. I also like to buy some notebooks and do first drafts of certain chapters that I really look forward to writing down on paper from my head. I also do lots of planning. I like to write one sentence for each chapter. Then I play around with the chapters to make sure that they are all needed- sometimes I will remove chapters, and sometimes I will add additional chapters. Then I go through and do a brief plan for each of the chapters that I have. After I have a plan I will start to write, and after a long time of having early morning and late nights I will have a manuscript. Then I read through the manuscript, and edit the manuscript, and then read through it again, and then edit again. Then, eventually, when I am happy with it I’ll send it off and then we go from there. I find it all very exciting!

Question 12- Where do you get your ideas from?

I must admit that I don’t know the answer to this one! I came up with the general idea of the plot of BONES ON THE SURFACE in a dream, and then I came up with a lot more of it on a bus. I was in the middle of writing another book which I stopped writing 160 pages in and should be locked away and have the key burnt when I came up with the idea for THE SWEET LIFE- I was on the plane for this one. And funnily enough, I came up with idea for my third book (I’m not giving anything away about this one!) in the car when driving through a small village. Not that my third book has anything to do with a village or a community…

Question 13- How long did it take you to write your book?

BONES ON THE SURFACE I wrote in four months. THE SWEET LIFE will have also taken me four months to write once the handover takes place in January. And my third book will have also taken me four months to write once I send it off in March. I never realised that before but clearly this year it’s taken me four months to write each book. Maybe next year my target will be three months per book.

Question 14- Do you know J.K. Rowling personally?

Sadly, nope!

Question 15- Do you base your characters in your books on real people?

Ooh! I like this question. Most of my characters are completely made up, however they have been one or two that have been based on people I know. Ages ago I wrote a short series of short stories (they won’t be getting published) and they were a set of seven books. Each one was based on one of my friends…apart from they were insects in that and they aren’t insects in real life. I am pretty sure that they are humans.

Question 16- Who do you base your characters on?

Quite similar to Question 15, but I don’t base my characters on anybody, apart from one or two of them. They’re all from my head, and so I suppose they literally come from me…quite worrying considering the types of people that you will find in my third book. I have now worried myself.

Question 17- What inspires you to write what you do on your blog?

My short stories come from where my novels come from: in my head. The articles and reviews are just my opinions or experiences that I want to share with you hundreds of people who check in with the blog every week, and the guest posts help people who don’t have an established readership share their written work! I do wish that I could post more short stories and write more often on here, but lately I’ve been very busy with other things. Maybe I’ll start writing a post on a set day or days each week and people can make suggestions on what sort of stuff that they would like to be able to see and to read on here!

Question 18- What type of music do you listen to?

I don’t really listen to a lot of music to be honest. I listen to the stuff that is in the charts and that’s it really. However, they are one song that I listened to on two occasions intentionally. I listened to this song when I finished writing BONES ON THE SURFACE and again when I finished writing THE SWEET LIFE. I will only listen to it again when I have finished writing my third book.

Question 19- Who is your favourite Weasley?

Out of the all of the questions that have been submitted, this one is probably one of the most difficult ones to answer out of them all. I was going to say Ron, but then they are Fred and George. And what about Molly!

Question 20- What do you think about fan-fiction?

I have only written one piece of fan-fiction, and I wrote it with somebody else. It was a Harry Potter one! I think that if it gets you writing then do it! Personally, I like to be able to work with my own characters in my own world. It’s quite nice to have your own little world to dive in to every night. Hence the reason that I won’t tell anybody about my third book- I’m enjoying it being all in my head at the minute and not there for you one thousand and four hundred readers of this blog to discuss with one another and send me lots and lots of questions about! However, when I am done I will reveal the title and the plot of it on here!


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