“Kingdom Hearts- A Game Review”- A Guest Post

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days: The Review
By Alex Thompson

(Don’t forget that anybody can submit pieces of writing for the Friday Guest Post feature!)

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days was the second time the series has been on a hand hold console five years after releasing Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories on the Nintendo Gameboy.

The game takes place towards the end of the first Kingdom Hearts game and continues through 2 sequels those being chain of memories and the beginning of Kingdom Heart two. We play though the game as Roxas- a confused teenager with no memories while wielding the legendary weapon-the keyblade. Roxas isn’t a new character to the series as we saw and played as him in kingdom hearts two. In this game we learn more about Roxas and his life while in organization XIII (13 for those who don’t know the roman numbering system) completing missions and eating ice-cream with his two best friends- Axel and Xion.

This is a mission based game with about half of them being required to advance the plot (these have a keyblade symbol next to them) though it’s a good idea to do all the missions as when you compete them you get experience to level Roxas up. A level up system that doesn’t work half the time as you can see that you get a level up panel but the game doesn’t give you it, it’s a good job you get level doublers, triplers and quadruplers seeing as I only ever got 15 level panels throughout the whole game.

The plot is decent during the second half of the game where you get more insight to the organization and their plans while the first half is just Roxas learning about friendship, love and… why the sun sets red? I’m sorry but is that important at all? No, no its not, it’s just filler that nobody wanted to see. But hey! At least we found out why Roxas left the organization now.

The graphics in this game could have been better. I know the DS had a lower limitation than the console games but is it too much to ask for that the keyblades didn’t look like thin as paper or the characters facials expressions didn’t look like a mess? This is a game from Square Enix who prides themselves on a good story and great graphics. I’m sure they could have done something to improve the graphics.

Extra content- every game nowadays has it. So what does this game have? A theatre mode (do I have to explain this) which for English fans is new…. for Japan- not so much. And like nearly all DS games a wireless play where you can go through past missions with extra challenges with up to three friends.

Overall I think it’s a great game and what problems it does have shouldn’t turn you away from it. It’s got one of the most interesting stories in the franchise and it’s great to see some old characters get some more screen time.

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