The Witches Hat

It was the night of Halloween, the thirty first of October Nineteen Ninety Two. It was pitch black, apart the moon light drifting slowly through the cloudy sky. It was slightly windy. A cold breeze, one that chilled you to the bones. Leading out of the village was a country lane, which had a gate leading off it down to a little mud track that led in to a forest. The track led through the dark forest, where it was even darker than dark. They were no noise,apart from the slight hoot of an owl that pierced through the night air, and occasionally the sound of wooden sticks splitting on the ground, if a deer or a fox trod on them. In the centre of the forest was a giant clearing that was grassy and weedy. Nothing was inside of it. The only thing that was going through it was the wind.
Then out of the large trees that were surrounding the clearing walked three figures, all from separate corners. They were dressed as dark as the night. They appeared to be wearing dark pointy hats, that looked like black triangles sat upon their heads. They each wore a black cape, that was waving slowly, drifting around the the night breeze. They each appeared to have a black small cauldron hung on the back of their black broomsticks. The black small cauldrons upon closer inspection appeared to be full of small jars that had weird objects inside of them floating around in strange gloopy liquid, and brown scraggy pouches that appeared to have strange squishy things stuffed in to their insides and oddly shaped small cages that appeared to have small out of this world miniature creatures inside of them, fighting to get out and run away as fast as they knobbly strange looking legs would take them, away as far as possible from the three strange scary witches that, on that Halloween night, had finally met in the middle of the forest clearing.
The first witch was a small stumpy and dumpy looking woman, who had a small wide nose, and a large wart on her chin, and dark eyes underneath the shadow of her witches hat.
The second witch was tall and slim, with grey scraggly wispy hair that hardly moved. She was the typical looking witch, who was holding a dark black cat in her arms, but apart from it’s eyes that were reflecting the moonlight, you couldn’t see it, as it was that black that it blended in with the black of the witches cape.
And the third and final witch was just a bundle of black scarves and black jewellery, as she had that many scarves and bangles and strange things hanging off her with big jam jar style glasses that you couldn’t really describe what she looked like. But for some mysterious reason, all her black jewellery that hung off her and banged and knocked together didn’t make any clinging or clanging noises at all, as though a spell had been cast on them, which most likely had probably happened.
All three of the witches pulled out their black wands out of their black clothes, and whispered something under their breathes. It must of been some dark spell, but they were a dull popping sounding noise, and a cauldron that looked just as scary as the witches appeared in between he three witches, right in the centre of the witches. It had dark flames underneath it, that gave a strange sort of heat, a heat that was cold instead of hot.
The three witches then proceeded to emptying their ingredients that were slotted awkwardly in to their small black cauldrons that were hung off the ends of their black scraggly broomsticks. They pulled put all sort of things. Fangs, liquids, eye ball, noses, shoes, fire breathing creatures, a dragon paw bits of odd material, a small pocket watch and a single black ribbon. They were a high chance that not all of the ingredients that they actually used were all needed for whatever dark thing that they were brewing and making inside of that dark liquid inside of their black scary looking mysterious cauldron, and probably some of the ingredients were just used for dramatic effect, like the eye balls and the shoes, although the paw of a dragon was probably needed. It said so in the recipe book.
The witches then stood back, each walking backwards in a separate direction from one another, making a triangle shape. Each of the three witches lifted up their arms, and with their wands in one hand, and a ring covered hand on the end of their other arm, they all muttered something under their breath, and shot a green flame towards the top of the cauldron. Each of the three flames from each of the three witches all met in the middle above the cauldron, before making one large flame that appeared to charge up and thicken, before shooting downwards in to the cauldron.
The liquid spilled out, making hot cold liquid flood the ground around it. The air pulsed with dark magic, and shock wave of darkness rippled through the air, being disturbed by the trees that surrounded the forest clearing, making birds fly madly out of horror in to the dark Halloween night sky. A few of the trees seemed to mutate, and look slightly frightening, before shooting out the ground and waddling off somewhere, bumping in to other trees.
Then, just as quickly as it all started, it all stopped. Just like that. And the cauldron disappeared, and the cold black flames disappeared, and the bubbles disappeared, and so the spells. And instead sat a black witches hat. Just simply sat there on the ground.
The witches hat wasn’t just a plain witches hat. Whoever wore this witches hat could take over the world. The three witches were each over six hundred and twenty four years old, and had been aimed to take over the world eventually. Just they had gone a bit past the intended deadline, and had taken slightly longer the plan had given them to collect the ingredients. But witches were always late, its just something that they did. Probably for dramatic affect, like the false ingredients that made the potions look more terrifying than it really was.
The stumpy dumpy looking witch stepped forward, as did the other two witches of the trio. She looked up at them both, and they glanced back at her. They started cackling with pure evilness, with the slight sound of dark success in their laughs, mingled in with bad breath of their cries of dark laughter. Crocodile Blood Toothpaste didn’t have the same mint flavoured taste and smell as normal every day toothpaste that humans used, in fact it had a slight eggy taste to it, and smelt of rotten worms with a hint of snail slime that had been boiled and stewed for a few weeks, and then kept to disintegrate for a few years in a dark wet rat filled cellar. Lovely. Just what witches loved the best. However, they wouldn’t say to fish and chips occasionally, but even that needed crushed snail shells on it instead of salt. They just had to had some witchiness somewhere in their lives.
With shaking hands, out of nervousness and evilness, the dumpy stumpy witch put her arms out, and reached towards the ground, and picked up the witches hat. It created another small shock wave to add to the night of Halloween, causing a fox to run away and the leaves on the ground to rustle and blow away.
She then muttered some spell under her breath, her bad breath in fact, and then, with their eyes widening with glee, the world suddenly changed. For them the world changed for the better, and for the rest of the population, the world changed for the worse.
Chains wrapped round people who were sleeping in their beds, giant toads engulfed people who were on their way to work, spiders ran wild in the underground train tunnels and terrified the people on them, large scary looking hawks attacked planes that was flying in the night sky. Even the moon was altered, and grew weird looking tentacles that stuck to the surface of the Earth, pulling itself closer it ready to unleash some weird scary human eating creatures on to the globe from out of space, that were purely created by the witches. The witches was quite proud of the out of space weird scary human eating creatures from the surface of the moon. They had taken them a few decades to design, create and grow, although they hadn’t quite come up with a name that suited the species, and so they were in fact simply referred to as the out of space weird scary human eating creatures from the surface of the moon.
However, all of a sudden a large thunderbolt crashed down from the night sky, and immediately killed the witch wearing the hat. The world returned to normal. Two large pumpkins then fell from the sky and hit the two other dazed and confused looking witches on the heads, killing them immediately too.
They were no trace that anything had ever happened on Earth. The Moon returned to normal, the chains unwrapped themselves, and after just a few minutes of terror, even the out of space weird scary human eating creatures from the surface of the moon disappeared.
Nobody could remember a thing.
The witches faded from existence.
Something had gone wrong with the spell.
Years later another witch, under the name of Granny Potionoil figured out what had gone wrong with the greatest mistake ever known in the history of the world of witches.
They had put in the right foot shoe, instead of the left foot shoe, and it was as simple as that.

The End.



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