“The Road To Riches” – A Guest Post

On the road to riches
by Brandon Haygood

I’m on the road to riches
I was destined from the moment I repelled from the ways.
And move aside the Kibitzers who do nothing but taunt and mock my dream.
I take my formal cryptonym and go out to the village.
For this lonely traveler longs for Grace.
My father before said to me,
“A man who wishes to make a profession of goodness must first find himself and his one true calling.”
I took those words to heart and wiped my tears, and said goodbye to my father, mother and brothers.

I wandered out to the snowy desert, an icy wind pulled me.
But I kept going, for my dream was out there for me to find.
Some are laughing at the silly dreams of I.
Some mocking, some teasing, some speaking reproachfully.
A man can look after himself and no one else.
but I am alone now, and among enemies.
Out alone I depend only on my own strength.
I built a fire, even out in the snow it burns, ah warmth.
The only real luxery I have now.
I made it through the night with no food, and my only sustinence the dirty snow.
It feels cool on my parched tongue.
I was scared and in the night I asked myself
Do I wake or do I sleep?
a gleam of hope is still inside me.
But in the valley with draining darkness
I cry alone, utterly by myself.

Early the next morning at the spring of the day.
I continued my journey on the road to riches.
On my way I found an icy lake.
And a woman standing upon it, but the stream bore her far away.
Balefully the eyes glare as I gazed upon her.
Against her pretty brown hair I gently place my hand.
She was afraid, afraid to know oneself.
For days we lived in a windmill house.
By the icy lake, melting.
Winter became spring and the organic garden grew.
I looked at her and told her I must be on my way.
But then I whsiper in her ear “Come with me and be my love.”

I admit this journey is not at it’s end.
But with her beside me we continue on.
Perhaps this dream may never come.
But it must be all or nothing.
And as we walked I repeated my mantra
If you’re lucky enough, you will always find more money.


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