Wolf Of The Plains- A Review

“The young boy abandoned without a tribe on the harsh Mongolian plains faced almost certain death. Hunted and alone, he dreamed first of revenge against his enemies. In time, he would unite the great tribes, forming one nation under the sky. He would be the father to that nation. He would be Genghis Khan.”

And that’s the blurb of my latest read book, the book that I read on my holiday to Egypt. To be honest, it’s not the sort of book that I would usually go for- more Harry Potter magical fantasy sort of stuff is me!

But when I knocked it off the bookshelf, I read the blurb and at first thought”Pfft!”, but then read the first page and couldn’t put it down!

Wolf Of The Plains by Conn Iggulden- The epic story of the khan dynasty- is based on Genghis Khan, although Genghis Khan isn’t mentioned until the very last moment. At 461 pages it’s quite a chunky read- but it will fly by!

Conn Iggulden travelled to Mongolia for research for his Conqueror series, and says at the front of his book “allowed me to live among them for a time and who taught me their history over salted tea and vodka while the winter eased into spring.”

Conn Iggulden was born in London, where he was originally a teacher for just under a decade. He actually wrote “The Dangerous Book For Boys” which not many know he wrote! He also wrote the Emperor series which was based on Julius Caesar.

It’s about Temujin, is the son Yesugei, the khan of the much feared Wolf tribe.
When Yesugei is killed by the Tartars, then Temujin and his four brothers should be next in line to take over the Wolves. However, when Yesugei’s firstman, Eeluk, turns out to be dis-loyal, he takes over the Wolves and leaves Temujin, his brothers and his mother for death in the middle of the plains with no weapons, food or shelter.

Temujin was born with a clot of blood in his right hand- a sign of death, or more in this book- he being the creator of death! He eventually takes over other tribes, such as the Olkun’ut, the Kerait, including the Wolves, he battles against the Tartars in order for peace.

However, Temujin, or one Genghis Khan, carries on with his life fighting in the next book entitled Lord Of The Bow.

I definitely enjoyed it and would recommend it to others! I’m now reading Mogworld by Yahtzee Croshaw, so a review of that will be popping up as soon as I’ve read it!


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