Snape’s Dilemma by Joshua J and Nymphagini: A Joint Fan Fiction

None of these characters are created by Joshua J or Nymphagini, are owned by J.K.Rowling. Thank you.

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Severus Snape slowly closed his office’s door, and walked out of the castle. He was staring at the starry sky, without any expression on his face.
As he walked down the stone steps with the castle being left behind him, he glanced down from the sky above, and focused on the school gates, where a dark figure was waiting for him.
“You’re almost late, Severus”. Snape stopped and stare at the figure, quite worried.
“Sorry.” Snape said. They were a hint of nerves in his slippery voice. “Dumbledore needed me for some matters. Now what can I be of assistance for?” He added, brushing her greasy hair out of the way of his pale face. His large nose cast a shadow across his face from the moonlight.
The dark figure remained silent for a moment. Snape sighed. “Did you hear what I just said ?” he muttered impatiently.
“Yes, of course I did Severus.” The dark figure snapped back. “Then why have you summoned me?” Snape whispered under his breath.
“The Dark Lord needs you, one more time.” Snape sighed once again. “Why didn’t he summon me himself ?”
“He is weak Severus. You but anyone knows that all too well. Besides, do you really think that the Lord would come near Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It is, after all, under the charge of Albus Dumbledore, the only man that the Lord fears.” .
“Obviously”. Severus had a look behind him, like if Albus Dumbledore was just standing in front of Hogwarts’ door.
“Afriad are we Severus? Tut, tut, tut. What will the Dark Lord say if he found out that his loyal servant won’t follow his orders?” the Dark Figure sneered. “Not very happy.” he said slowly.
“I think he trusts me more than he trusts you, Lucius” Snape said slowly. “I will obey to his orders.”
“Excellent. His Lordship will be pleased. Now then, I heard Dumbledore doesn’t allow apparating inside of his precious school grounds, so I suppose we better step outside of the gate.” Sneered Lucius, looking up at the castle with an expression of disgust painted across his face.
Severus stared calmly at Lucius. “I hope you didn’t apparate into the school grounds ?”
“Oh, how I would love to say that I did. But I can’t, not since Dumbdledore threw my off the board. Anyway, enough chatting Severus. We can’t afford to be wasting time, I think enough of that has already been burnt. And you know what happens when you keep the Dark Lord waiting.” he saw Snapes expression. “Hmm, I thought so too. Well, come on them. grab my arm.” Snape looked back at him in disgust. “I can apparate on my own, thank you very much Mr Malfoy.” Lucius sniggered.
Snape walked out of the school’s grounds, followed by Lucius. They suddenly apparated at the same time, separately.
They appeared in a dark room. The floor was covered in a thick layer of dust. They could see through the gloom marks of footsteps on the creaky floor, and a long winding ribbon shaped line. “I see the Lord has his slippery friend here.” Snape said. “No need to talk about yourself like that, Severus.” Lucius said, smiling smugly to himself in the darkness. “I was talking about the snake.” Severus said. “Of course. This way anyway.” Lucius said, before walking off and disappearing in the gloom. Snape pursed his lips tightly in annoyance, looking around his dark surroundings, but figured that you couldn’t see very much, and followed in Lucius’ footsteps.
Snape perceived a kind of small and old green armchair, in front of a window, whose light was hidden by a very old velvet curtain, slightly pierced. The room’s atmosphere was quite cold, almost deadly. A very thin and pale man was sitting, even lying, on the armchair, breathing with difficulty. Near his feet, a dark and long snake was apparently waiting for something.
“I bring him my Lord.” Lucius said. Severus watched Lucius as he walked up to Lord Voldemort, and bowed down to him, before standing back up to his full height, and slowly turning round to face him. He stood, frozen for a few moments, just stood staring at Lord Voldemort and Lucius Malfoy. “What is wrong with the man?” Asked Lord Voldemort. “I do not know, my Lord.” “Have you not got a Tongue in your mouth, Severus?”
“My Lord, I just wondered why you summoned me.” Severus said calmly. Lord Voldemort slowly open his lips and murmured with a bit of exasperation : “You are late, Severus. I hope it won’t become a habit.”
Snape opened his mouth to say something, but thought better of it, and closed it again. Lucius glanced at him. “I have already given him a scolding for that my Lord.” Lucius said, not taking his eyes off Severus. “Perfect.” Hissed Voldemort. “I remember when you used to be as loyal to me as Mr Malfoy is to me now, but then you changed Severus. You changed. And I want to know why. But now is not the time. We have an important situation on our hands, and I am weak. I need you to do me a great favour Severus. One that neither I or Lucius can do, nor any other Death Eater, as only you can be in the place where I want the deed to take place. You can be there and not be questioned, Severus.” Voldemort finished, his face breaking in to a slight smile. Severus looked worried. “And where is that place, my Lord.” Severus asked, his voice quivering. “Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry.” Snake gulped. “And what is it that you want me to do, my Lord?”
A stressful silent fell on the room. Lord Voldemort searched his words inside his head. Severus didn’t move, staying as stiff as a tree. He was looking at Voldemort, who was pacing up and down. Then, the Dark Lord finally whispered : “You obviously know this famous headmaster…” Severus was secretly worried now. He exactly knew what Voldemort meant. “Albus Dumbledore, my lord ?” Voldemort’s enthusiasm suddenly disappeared. “You know who I’m talking about Severus, stop pretending being ignorant !”
“I’m not pretending, my Lord. But you can’t be asking me to kill, to murder, Professor Albus Dumbledore?” He looked at Lord Voldemort. Lord Voldemort slowly nodded, and out his bony hands together. “He is the greatest headmaster that Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry has ever seen. He is the most powerful wizard that has ever lived.” He saw Lord Voldemort’s face at this, and altered what he had just said. “One of the greatest wizards to ever live, my Lord, the other being you, my Lord.” Severus stopped for a moment. He looked trapped. He was trapped. “You will kill Albus Dumbledore, Severus Snape. I command you. And if you don’t, you will see the killing curse flash before eyes just like James and Lily Potter did, and countless others, and your fate might not be just as lucky as Harry Potters was- all before you can say Death Eater. Do you understand, Severus?” Voldemort’s eyes were glowing red with anger, and Severus gulped again, sensing it.
It was like if his heart stopped beating, as soon as Voldemort pronounced “Lily”. Snape was shivering inside. He was a little bit afraid of the Lord’s eyes at this moment, but he didn’t show it. He saw Albus Dumbledore a few days ago, telling him that the end was near, and that Severus was certainly meant to kill the old man with the very long beard and his half-moon glasses. It seemed so improbable for the potions teacher. He took a deep and long breath and said with a trembling voice : “I will do it.”
“Excellent.” Lord Voldemort said. “Now then, I forbid both of your gentlemen good night.” And Lord Voldemort slowly lifted himself out of his chair, and walked across the room. “Follow, Nagini.” As he disappeared out of the room, Nagini slithered along behind him, leaving a second winding ribbon shape that cut through the layer of dust that was covering up the floor, muffling the footsteps. Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape were both left alone in the room. Lucius and Severus met eye to eye, before Lucius nodded and turned to walk out of the room, following Voldemort. Snape was left by himself.


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