Scuba Diving In The Red Sea

During the last couple of weeks of August I was on holiday in Egypt, and so I thought it would be interesting to a post about something I tried there.

Egypt (which is a very hot place!) is known for it’s snorkelling and scuba diving in the Red Sea.

My grandparents had been scuba diving before and had shown me a DVD of them under the water amongst the “Nemo” fish, or going their proper name to Clown fish, a gigantic Napoleon fish (and I don’t mean a fish made out of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla flavoured ice cream!) as well as clusters of other brightly coloured fish all amongst the beautiful coral that is made up of thousands of different shades of amazing colours.

So when the chance came in Egypt to try out scuba diving and see what this experience was like for myself I jumped at the chance.

At first I may have been a little reluctant- but as I was told: “You can’t go all the way to the Red Sea and not have a go at scuba diving!”

And so I agreed.

The day came, and we were picked up at eight in the morning. Our transport: the back of a small truck. Something that I’m sure would never be allowed to happen in the UK!

The small truck took us to a small bay about twenty minutes away from our resort, and from there we boarded the boat.

We were surrounded by other people who was right in to their scuba diving, and for them of them in was their ninth or tenth dive that week!

I was a rookie, and the youngest there!

After about an hour or so travelling out across the Red Sea the boat finally came to a stop.

I got all kitted out- the oxygen tank, all the tubes and the wet suit and all!

The instructor was in the water waiting for me, and so I slid of the boat on my bum and fell in to the water.

I immediately panicked.

I looked down through the water and saw just how deep the sea was! I could the people far below me scuba diving.

I was pulled back up on to the boat and got the kit off panicking.

I later went snorkelling around the boat and it was amazing to be able to see the fish, even if I wasn’t far down under the surface with them.

However, I’m not giving up. I’m sure it would have been a wonderful experience that would out of this world- and so at some point during my life I want to definitely attempt scuba diving again.

And so for now I can say it was a long journey for a small dip on the sea!


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