Facebook: Controversial Groups

Facebook is one of the most common social networking websites in the world, with nearly a billion people using it.

Originally made to post statuses updating your friends what you are up to, talking to family on the other side of the world and sharing photos of your latest holiday, Facebook seemed like the place to be!

But hidden among the pokes, the likes and the inboxes are groups.

Groups are places where a person on Facebook can start a page about a certain interest, and people are then welcome to like it, join it and discuss the common interest.

However, as always, they are people who uses certain tools for the worse.

Some Facebook groups have sparked controversy and caused anger among the Facebook community and general public. To name a few would be the page dedicated to Raoul Moat, or the Everybody Draw Mohammed Day group, or possibly the group dedicating to poking fun at Pope Benedict.

Recently, a new group has been created called “Cancer is funny because people die”. This has caused an uproar on Facebook, especially those who have had family members or close friends suffer from the disease, or have been diagnosed in the past with the illness themselves.

And so a twelve year old girl decided to make a difference, creating her own page called “Against ‘Cancer is funny because people die'”.

The group, created last night, has exploded during the dark hours of the night and all throughout the day, and in less than 24 hours has had nearly 1600 people follow it.

The aim of the mission is that if enough join the group and protest against the page, then the “Cancer is funny because people die” can be closed down!

But she is stopping there- she now has a petition that people can sign to help get this page, and others like it, closed down.

And so they should be. Facebook, and other social networking sites, should be a place where people can go to relax and have fun, instead of having controversial and upsetting groups pushed in to their faces!

To join the group and sign the petition in aid of closing down this hurtful page, search “Against ‘Cancer us funny because people die’!!” in Facebook and like it, to help make your stand with this young girl and her army of 1600 other people who are helping her succeed her mission.

Thank you.


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