2012: A Year To Be Proud Of

Well, the excitement for the year of 2012 appears to be nearly over. But it’s definitely been a year to be proud of!

We’ve had the Queen Elizabeths Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics, and last year we had the Royal Wedding, and as of Sunday, it’s all going to be over.

Sunday will mark the Closing Ceremony for the historic Olympic Games, which means that the sales of Great Britain related souvenirs and products will have to come to end.

It’s fair to say that this country had finally had its chance to shine this year in a positive light. We had finally been in the limelight for a good reason, instead of such things like the recession.

Last year, as said before, we had the Royal Wedding, where millions of people tuned in to watch Prince William and Kate Middleton marry before the world. We got to show off how proud we was to be British, the features of London and, most importantly, the landmark that is Buckingham Palace, the home of our Majesty.

Then we had the Queens Diamond Jubilee. We once again showed off our excitement of the country, by hosting and attending street party’s, decorating our homes and showing our thanks to Elizabeth. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip showed that our country are prepared to through anything as they stood on the side of the River Thames watching the one thousand boats sail past them in the pouring cold rain, even if it did end up putting Prince Phillip in hospital. We then had a fantastic show organised by Gary Barlow, a member of the hit band Take That, which showed off Buckingham Palace and the Mall in a whole new light, before holding the official Jubilee Ceremony the next day.

And then we had the London Twenty Twelve Olympics, where we have proudly hosted the Olympic Seventy Day Torch Relay. I even stood in the rain myself to watch the piece of history that it was pass. We later had the historic Olympic Opening Ceremony, which was fantastic to see. The show which took the nation and the rest of the global audience through the history of Great Britain that has shaped us to who we are now, with tributes to the NHS (National Health Service), the people who fought for our country, hence the Poppy Field, and a look at Children’s Literature through a reading of the famous Peter Pan by Harry Potter author J.K.Rowling.

However, the Olympics have now nearly come and gone, and it’s gone too quickly. This Sunday will host the Closing Ceremony, which will mean that all Great Britain related products will slowly disappear from the local shops, the house decorations will be pulled down and the general proudness and spirit of Great Britain will wear off.

It’s fair to say that whatever out country has been through, 2012 has been the year to show ourselves off in a good light for once, and has given us things to be proud of in front of the Worlds eyes! How patriotic!

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