The Feelings, Process and Act of Writing- Five Reasons To Love Writing

The act of writing. Why do I write? Why do I go through hours of writing, and re-writing, and editing, and then trying to get an audience and then publishing them? Especially my longer stories, which can be classed nearly as novelettes.
The answer is because I love writing. The whole process of it.
I’ve always written, whether it be on the back of an envelope, my school planner, or even just on my mobile on the bus.
I love the idea of getting a fresh new notepad (I bought two more on the weekend!) and a new pen, and string there with a blank piece of paper just staring back up to you, waiting for you to get your imagination cogs moving, and visualising your scenes, is, to me, amazing.
The actual process of the physical writing, although sometimes frustrating, is always ultimately a fun thing to do. First off, I handwrite it. I handwrite all of my work for the first drafts, everything that you find posted on this blog has been handwritten first, and then re-written, before being edited and proof read, and then finally published.
And that’s the other exciting part. Being able to write “The End.” is a fantastic feeling. The sense of achievement that you feel at that is quite something; you feel as though at that moment you can do anything.
And the final exciting part is being able to have people reading it. Although I must admit I am nervous about releasing Trespassing, because so many people are waiting for the ending, that what if it doesn’t live up to it’s expectations? But to me it’s my story, and that’s the ending that I saw in my head.
But I will always write, because just like J.K.Rowling says writing is a compulsion for her, I can say the same thing too.
And so I want to say thank you to everybody for reading this blog, and I look forward to releasing Trespassing on 7th August!

2 thoughts on “The Feelings, Process and Act of Writing- Five Reasons To Love Writing

  1. Congratulations…!
    I’m so proud of you……your words are inspirational and your thoughts are genius.

    Good luck with future writings x
    PS..I can’t wait for the ending of trespasser..


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