Facebook: Controversial Groups

Facebook is one of the most common social networking websites in the world, with nearly a billion people using it.

Originally made to post statuses updating your friends what you are up to, talking to family on the other side of the world and sharing photos of your latest holiday, Facebook seemed like the place to be!

But hidden among the pokes, the likes and the inboxes are groups.

Groups are places where a person on Facebook can start a page about a certain interest, and people are then welcome to like it, join it and discuss the common interest.

However, as always, they are people who uses certain tools for the worse.

Some Facebook groups have sparked controversy and caused anger among the Facebook community and general public. To name a few would be the page dedicated to Raoul Moat, or the Everybody Draw Mohammed Day group, or possibly the group dedicating to poking fun at Pope Benedict.

Recently, a new group has been created called “Cancer is funny because people die”. This has caused an uproar on Facebook, especially those who have had family members or close friends suffer from the disease, or have been diagnosed in the past with the illness themselves.

And so a twelve year old girl decided to make a difference, creating her own page called “Against ‘Cancer is funny because people die'”.

The group, created last night, has exploded during the dark hours of the night and all throughout the day, and in less than 24 hours has had nearly 1600 people follow it.

The aim of the mission is that if enough join the group and protest against the page, then the “Cancer is funny because people die” can be closed down!

But she is stopping there- she now has a petition that people can sign to help get this page, and others like it, closed down.

And so they should be. Facebook, and other social networking sites, should be a place where people can go to relax and have fun, instead of having controversial and upsetting groups pushed in to their faces!

To join the group and sign the petition in aid of closing down this hurtful page, search “Against ‘Cancer us funny because people die’!!” in Facebook and like it, to help make your stand with this young girl and her army of 1600 other people who are helping her succeed her mission.

Thank you.



I can announce that a new short story will be uploaded on here on the 3rd September 2012 and will go under the name of “Speed Bumps”.

Shortly afterwards another one entitled “Beautiful Killer”!

Thank you!

2012: A Year To Be Proud Of

Well, the excitement for the year of 2012 appears to be nearly over. But it’s definitely been a year to be proud of!

We’ve had the Queen Elizabeths Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics, and last year we had the Royal Wedding, and as of Sunday, it’s all going to be over.

Sunday will mark the Closing Ceremony for the historic Olympic Games, which means that the sales of Great Britain related souvenirs and products will have to come to end.

It’s fair to say that this country had finally had its chance to shine this year in a positive light. We had finally been in the limelight for a good reason, instead of such things like the recession.

Last year, as said before, we had the Royal Wedding, where millions of people tuned in to watch Prince William and Kate Middleton marry before the world. We got to show off how proud we was to be British, the features of London and, most importantly, the landmark that is Buckingham Palace, the home of our Majesty.

Then we had the Queens Diamond Jubilee. We once again showed off our excitement of the country, by hosting and attending street party’s, decorating our homes and showing our thanks to Elizabeth. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip showed that our country are prepared to through anything as they stood on the side of the River Thames watching the one thousand boats sail past them in the pouring cold rain, even if it did end up putting Prince Phillip in hospital. We then had a fantastic show organised by Gary Barlow, a member of the hit band Take That, which showed off Buckingham Palace and the Mall in a whole new light, before holding the official Jubilee Ceremony the next day.

And then we had the London Twenty Twelve Olympics, where we have proudly hosted the Olympic Seventy Day Torch Relay. I even stood in the rain myself to watch the piece of history that it was pass. We later had the historic Olympic Opening Ceremony, which was fantastic to see. The show which took the nation and the rest of the global audience through the history of Great Britain that has shaped us to who we are now, with tributes to the NHS (National Health Service), the people who fought for our country, hence the Poppy Field, and a look at Children’s Literature through a reading of the famous Peter Pan by Harry Potter author J.K.Rowling.

However, the Olympics have now nearly come and gone, and it’s gone too quickly. This Sunday will host the Closing Ceremony, which will mean that all Great Britain related products will slowly disappear from the local shops, the house decorations will be pulled down and the general proudness and spirit of Great Britain will wear off.

It’s fair to say that whatever out country has been through, 2012 has been the year to show ourselves off in a good light for once, and has given us things to be proud of in front of the Worlds eyes! How patriotic!

Ten Books And Series That You Must Read Over Your Summer

Ten Books That You Must Read Over Your Summer

Summer has come, and whether youre bored and stuck at home, got a long journey somewhere or a holiday, nothing is better than reading a good book! And so here are top ten books and authors that you must read!

Number One: Obviously the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Askaban, Goblet of Fire, Order of the Pheonix, Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows by J.K.Rowling is a fantastic best selling series about a boy, Harry Potter, who finds out he’s a wizard and goes to magic school, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, only to fight the murderer of his parents, Lord Voldemort. So if you havent read it already, then you must do!

Number Two: The Percy Jackson Series, by Rick Riordan, entitled Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief, Sea of Monsters, Titans Curse, Battle of the Labyrinth and Last Olympian,they are fantastic series that you wont be able to put down, just like I couldn’t! The first book, The Lightening Thief grabs your attention immediately. Its about a boy who accidently makes his Maths teacher dissapear, and starts “fighting with swords, battling monsters with my friends and generally trying to stay alive”.

Number Three: Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, is a fantastic book. Me and my friend both bought it at the same time, and neither of it could stop talking about or put it down! Its about the world ending, and the Devil and an Angel trying to stop it from happening.

Number Four: A Series Of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket, entitled A Bad Beginning, The Reptile Room, The Wide Window, The Miserable Mill, The Austere Academy, The Ersatz Elevator, The Vile Village, The Hostile Hospital, The Carnivous Carnival, The Slippery Slope, The Grim Grotto, The Penultimate Peril and The End. They are a series of novelellas, that are easy reading abiut three orphans who has to fight a villain who chases them through a series of various places,whilst hiding from his henchman and finding out wha a mysterious organisation is. I really enjoyed them, and the simple tone and sense of humour in them really makes you want more.

Number Five: The Tales of Beedle The Bard by J.K.Rowling is a short book that was mentioned in Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows. It is a book that has seven short stories in it that has notes and opinions written about each one by Professor Albus Dumbledore, the Headmaster of Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but of course you knew that! Babbity Rappity and Her Cackling Stump is a sure one to read, as is the Tale Of Three Brothers.

Number Six: The CHERUB series, by Robert Muchamore, is a series of twelve books entitled The Recruit, Class A, Maximum Security, The Killing, Divine Madness, Man vs Beast, The Fall, Mad Dogs, The Sleepwalker, The General, Brigands M.C. and Shadow Wave are a brilliant series about an organisation of secret agents between the age of ten and sevetenn, simply because nobody never expects children to be secret agents.

Number Seven: The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins, entitled The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay. Essentially its about a game show where children fight to their deaths in an arena until only one survives, and the problems that they face afterwards in the second and the third book.

Number Eight: The Benidorm Guide To A Happy Holiday by Derren Litten. Fullof humour from all of the characters from the television series, is a fantastic little book that will have you laughing and pestering your family reading bits out to them like I did!

Number Nine: The Hobbit by J.R.R.Tolkien, which has been turned into a film and is being released later this year. It is a prequel to his hit series The Lord Of the Rings, which is about Bilbo Baggins being included in a plot to get a load of tresure from behind a big dragon. Sounds simple but its an ace read!

Number Ten: The Discworld Series by Terry Pratchett. Possibly the longest series ever, but its about a world that is set upon the back of four elephants that are all stood upon the giant shell that is ten thousand miles wide of an elephant that is currently slowly swimming through Space. A fantastic set of books, with mini series and sub plots and story arcs within them, that are full of humour, jokes and parodies of our own world, you must read! The first one is brilliant, The Colour Of Magic, which is followed by The Light Fantastic, Equal Rites, Mort, Sourcery, Wyrd Sisters, Pyramids, Guards Guards, Eric, Moving Pictures, Reaper Man, Witches Abroad, Small Gods, Lords And Ladies, Men At Arma, Soul Music, Interesting Times, Maskerade, Feet Of Clay, Hogfather, Jingo, The Last Continent, Carpe Juguljm, The Fifth Elephant, The Truth, Thief Of Time, The Last Hero, The Amazing Maurice And His Educated Rodents, Night Watch, The Wee Free Men, Monstrous Regiment, A Hat Full Of Sky, Going Postal, Thud, Wintersmith, Making Money, Unseen Academicals and recently Snuff.

Happy Reading!


Trespassing by Joshua J- August 7th 2012

I see the silver fence in front of me. It surrounds the complete area. I can see a small gap, just big enough for me to squeeze through. I know I shouldn’t be sneaking in the building site, but I just can’t resist.
The adrenaline and the excitement of being caught, all mixed in with the nerves of the misbehaviour of trespassing are all too tempting.
Do I do it, or do I not?
In a wild moment of madness, I decide to do it.
I decide to trespass across the building site. Explore the maze of half built houses, the concrete roads and the tangle of diggers and other metal machinery.
Besides, I’m completely dressed in black from the tip of my head to the bottom of my body.
Nobody will see me in the darkness of the night.
Will they?
But that’s the excitement of it.
The whole reason for doing it.
I know I shouldn’t be, but I am.
I crawl along the muddy ground, and slide through the long masses of tangled up grass and prickly weeds.
I squeeze through the gap in the bent silver fence. I slide the top half of my body through silently. I made no sound to be heard. I smile smugly to myself trihumpantly.
My plot is going to plan.
But I get too bigheaded. Too carried away with myself.
Just as I think I have managed to get my whole body through the gap in the fence, with the moonlight shining through the slim bars, my foot bangs against it.
It rattles the fence, causing a ripple effect splitting through the silent night air.
I pause for a moment. My heart beating in suspense.
I stop and stare at the night guards in the big box in the centre of the site, watching over the dark shadows of the quiet land that surrounds them.
I wait for a few seconds. Just to be safe that nobody has heard me, that the guards don’t decide to come out and shine their bright torches all around me, over the muddy ground, the rock hills and the entangled mass of grass that they have yet to cut down.
The door stays shut, nobody comes out. I’m safe for now.
I decide to stand up and stretch my legs, occasionally bobbing down behind a pitch black mountain of rubble, and pausing to stop and scan my surroundings. I am in somebody else’s territory after all. I can hear nothing around me, but only the sound of my own heartbeat in my ears, as my heart beats out of my chest and my adrenaline fear filled blood rushes around my body, with ,y head slowly swivelling around and my eyes darting all around my eye sockets.
Even the wind is silent tonight.
It’s as if the whole world around me has taken a deep breath of suspense to watch me, and won’t breath out again until I succeed in this breaking of the law.
I have to do it now, the let the world and time carry on spinning and ticking.
I feel like I am the only one alive.
But I felt as though I had a secret audience.
I didn’t like that feeling though, the feeling that I have hundreds of pairs of eyes, whether humans or animals, peering at me. I could literally feel the power of their vision upon my body, imaginary or not.
Whether this was in my imagination within my mind, or whether it is real, I cam only take a wild guess at.
I’m now passing the outline of a great large vehicle. The digger looks almighty in the night, quite scary in fact.
It even felt as though the digger was alive.
And the bricks.
And the hills.
And the grass.
But that wasn’t my biggest obstacle tonight.
I decide that I would have an adrenaline rush. I decide that it would be rather fun to sneak under the watchmen’s box.
I half crawl, half run, towards one of the legs of the box, as it’s suspended in the air.
I can hear voices within the box, and a slight tapping noise. I wondered what it was for a moment, before realise that it was one of the men tapping their foot on the floor above me.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
I sneak under the box, walking diagonally across it underneath it.
But then the tapping stops, and the voices stop.
I stop.
Have they heard me?
Will they come out and see me?
Will I get caught?
The suspense of the moment was killing me. I could feel my blood thicken within my veins that were woven around my body, as though the extra fear, along with the adrenaline within my blood was causing my veins to struggle. I felt my heart beating faster, working harder to pump this adrenaline and fear and excitement around my frozen body.
The voices start back up again. The tapping resumes. My body un tightens.
Relaxation again. The watchmen must of decided that the sound was in their head. I suppose that even if they were to look outside with their great spotlights that were torches, they wouldn’t think of looking directly underneath them.
would they?
I decide to make a dart for it.
I run, winding my way around the machinery, the vehicles, the diggers, the hills and the rock piles. I jump over a bundle of cones and leap over a board that’s covering a large hole in the ground. I run along the top of a pipe, making a slight tip tapping sound in the silent night.
But I’m safe. It’s not loud enough for anybody else to hear but me.
But I’m not safe enough. I’m not out of this building site jungle just yet.
I approach the silver fence. But I start to panic.
I can’t see an opening in sight.
Not one gap in the fence.
How am I going to get out?
Please tell me I don’t have to go back the way I came.
I can’t take that risk once more.
If I get caught, how will I explain myself?
Finally, in a moment of desperation and a cry of frustration, I see a small gap in the fence.
I run up to it, trying to be as silently as I can.
I squeeze my head underneath it, then my arms, followed by my back and finally my legs, trying to be as silent as I can.
I manage it.
Not a solitary noise made.
I sigh a single breath of relief.
I’m Fish.
The Cat.
I lick my paws clean, I look back and realise that’s it been a wild adventure for a cat like me, and let’s face it, who would really take a cat to court for trespassing?

The Feelings, Process and Act of Writing- Five Reasons To Love Writing

The act of writing. Why do I write? Why do I go through hours of writing, and re-writing, and editing, and then trying to get an audience and then publishing them? Especially my longer stories, which can be classed nearly as novelettes.
The answer is because I love writing. The whole process of it.
I’ve always written, whether it be on the back of an envelope, my school planner, or even just on my mobile on the bus.
I love the idea of getting a fresh new notepad (I bought two more on the weekend!) and a new pen, and string there with a blank piece of paper just staring back up to you, waiting for you to get your imagination cogs moving, and visualising your scenes, is, to me, amazing.
The actual process of the physical writing, although sometimes frustrating, is always ultimately a fun thing to do. First off, I handwrite it. I handwrite all of my work for the first drafts, everything that you find posted on this blog has been handwritten first, and then re-written, before being edited and proof read, and then finally published.
And that’s the other exciting part. Being able to write “The End.” is a fantastic feeling. The sense of achievement that you feel at that is quite something; you feel as though at that moment you can do anything.
And the final exciting part is being able to have people reading it. Although I must admit I am nervous about releasing Trespassing, because so many people are waiting for the ending, that what if it doesn’t live up to it’s expectations? But to me it’s my story, and that’s the ending that I saw in my head.
But I will always write, because just like J.K.Rowling says writing is a compulsion for her, I can say the same thing too.
And so I want to say thank you to everybody for reading this blog, and I look forward to releasing Trespassing on 7th August!

Five Reasons To Hate Plagiarism

Five reasons to hate plagiarism- my first piece of writing that isn’t a short story (just to see how I do!)

Yes, we all copy and paste bits and pieces off the internet, like Wikipedia for example, and certain quotes, but plagiarism, the actual act of copying somebody else’s entire work, and using it as your own with no acknowledgements, permission or referencing, can be very upsetting for the person who did the actual work.


1) They have devoted much of their time, effort and dedication to complete that work.
2) They’ll be proud of it, and taking it away from will just stress them out and make the whole thing feel worthless.
3) They’ll be discouraged from publishing future work online for free for everybody to see, and this will be a bad result for them and for everybody else.
4) The worse thing that could happen would be that the person who has copied it would send it to a publisher, and have it published as their own work, making you look like the fraud.
5) It’s not worth it. If you want to get known out there, then do your own work off your back out of your own time, and that way you’ll be much more respected and valued as writer, or a blogger, or whatever you’ve done, because you are capable of it, and so just try it!

I’ve been lucky enough not to be copied myself so far, and I trust my readers never to copy my work. By all means share it, and tell people about it, but that’s all.

Thank you, and happy reading!